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Explore our revamped Help Center

We've rebuilt our Help Center to make it easier for you to access articles and knowledge or request specific information you need to get the full potential out of using our products and solutions.

Here’s a look at what the new Help Center offers:

  • Troubleshooting guides that are easy to follow and allow you to quickly find a solution to your problem.
  • FAQ sections with the commonly asked questions and answers for current and potential customers.
  • Software updates are now available to download directly from the Help Center. Read about the product and download the latest version from one place.
  • Helpful search picks up the results as you start typing your query. 
  • Request support by submitting a ticket. Our support team will answer your question(s) as soon as possible.
  • Request articles - we are happy to write new articles for your needs. Just let us know what you want and we will deliver!

We invite you to see and experience Auditdata’s new Help Center here.