Navigate COVID-19 easier with Auditbase

Auditdata is continuously improving Auditbase, the software that is used by thousands of users across more than 650 hospital hearing clinics to enhance their everyday workflows. Today, we’re rolling out version 6.0.1 that includes new capabilities specifically designed to make life easier for our customers.

Navigate COVID-19 with less face-to-face patient contact

In response to the current COVID-19 issue, we have made it easier for hospital clinics to reduce in-person appointments for vulnerable people. This is made possible by the new ability to record whether a patient is suitable for a video appointment and then record on the booking that the appointment will take place remotely rather than in person.

Faster configuration

You can now configure Auditbase workstations much faster with cloning and remote configuration features and a ‘Workstation Management’ dialogue.  If things go wrong, you can enable debug logging remotely and our supporters can collect the logs more quickly and easily.

Analyse your client population

As part of specific customer request in the UK, Individual Management Plans have been revised and now allows users to statistically analyse their patient population with categorised ‘needs‘ and ‘outcome’ scoring. Usability has also been improved with an improved user interface, a comprehensive Auto Journal Event and a linked Audiogram to include in printouts.

Eliminate unnecessary records

Inactive or deceased patients can now be deleted in bulk allowing you to reduce the number of unnecessary records in older databases. This allows you to easily stay compliant with the GDPR requirement which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed.

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Modern UI built on the latest tech foundation

Auditbase 6.0 uses a new tech foundation and has a new, modern, flat look that resembles Windows 10. Stylish new iconography has also been added. Moreover, we have worked hard to overcome the higher hardware demands of Windows 10 and deliver a version that works as fast or faster than the previous version did on Windows 7, delivering a noticeable improvement including in the Journal, Referral Overview, Waiting Lists and the Booking module in Resource view.

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