Ensuring ongoing success with customer experience

We see significant changes in the customers that we deal with in the hearing aid profession.

Customers are looking for answers about their hearing health at an earlier time, and in general, they are adopting hearing aids at a younger age. We think we can all agree that the trend will continue as the last vestiges of the stigma surrounding hearing aids are laid to rest.

People are looking for answers about their hearing health at an earlier time, and in general, they are adopting hearing aids at a younger age.

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The convergence of different technologies and the innovation in function that seems to be coming is moving hearing aids beyond their traditional medical device role and towards lifestyle devices. I think that this will continue to ensure earlier adoption and with that earlier adoption comes opportunity.

Maximising opportunities, decreasing risk

With the prevailing audiology business situation in the USA and across the world, audiology practices of all sizes are looking at strategies to maximise their opportunities and decrease their risk. More and more audiology practices find themselves with reducing returns on traditional marketing and have a sense of downward pressures on their margins and therefore their profitability.

Many things are happening within the hearing aid world that audiology businesses cannot control. OTC devices will hit the market within the next twelve months to two years. Big box stores will continue to offer what they offer, and online sellers will continue to gain traction.

Customer retention and referral

While individual businesses cannot control any of this, they can control their customer retention and referral. One of the key buzz phrases that are in ascendance at present across the business is customer experience. Excellent customer experience leads to customer retention or client retention in the case of the hearing profession.

“Making sure your customer always buys from you”


What is Client Retention and indeed how best can audiology practices achieve it?
In its purest form, patient retention boils down to making your customer so happy with you and your service, that they will never go anywhere else. They will consistently return to acquire your services over their lifetime.

With earlier adoption, that means the lifetime of a customer has increased. We may have expected a customer to purchase perhaps twice from a business. That may increase to possibly four or five times during their lifetime. How are you to ensure that they make those purchases from you?

While many see patient retention as a long-term strategy, something that will pay off in the future, I do not think it is. Efforts that put into patient retention can immediately affect your bottom line through customer referral. Client retention and customer referral are inextricably linked.

Achieving client retention

Client Retention and customer referral do not happen by accident. No matter how well you look after your customers, you still need to ensure there are comprehensive and all-encompassing strategies in place in your business. Those strategies should be designed to make your patient ecstatic about their treatment.

“advocates will actively promote your business,
engendering trust that will remove the impediments to adoption”

For customer referral to occur naturally, you need to make your patients advocates for your business, because advocates will actively promote your business. Word of mouth sales are indeed the best sales because engendered trust removes most of the impediments that traditionally exist.

With a clear strategy put in place, you can bolster your patient retention, increase customer satisfaction and produce advocate customers. The key is how you will manage your plan and your patients for best effect.

With this in mind, a practice owner needs to take every opportunity and indeed make opportunities, to shape a patient’s perception of their practice. To do so, you need a reliable patient management system.

Delivering complete understanding

Whether you run one hearing aid center or a thousand, the key to success is the management of your business and your customers. Unless you can understand what is going on in your business, you cannot manage it for success.

At Auditdata, we have designed a low-cost, in-depth business management system that is easy to use and can handle all your administrative tasks including the management of customers for retention and referral.

The system allows you to streamline your business processes with easy-to-use, intuitive features that will enable you to handle your daily tasks with ease.

Complete integration with Noah

We have integrated our system entirely and seamlessly with Noah. The system is designed to add a functional clinic management layer over Noah. There is no visible join or friction. Noah lives within Strato which offers enormous benefits to the professional user.

In essence, we have made Noah a full clinic management system with access to modules such as Stock & Invoice, SMS Reminders and marketing. Strato offers an integrated system to run every facet of your business.

Controlling your patient journey

More than that, Strato also offers the power to control your customer journey. It allows you to set up the work processes for every customer touch point. In Strato, you can set up workflows containing the tasks that should be carried out for each client session.

“Design custom workflows that allow you to manage your customer experience”

Workflows can help streamline the way you work, but also let you design the customer experience for maximum impact. These designed workflows enable you to put your strategy into action. You can then use the powerful analytics within Strato to see the effect that your plan is having.

At any time, you can tweak your strategy by adding or taking away a process from your workflow, all of the time being confident that the analytics will allow you to understand the effect that each tweak is having on your bottom line.

Easy adoption, low cost of adoption

Strato is a hugely powerful system that is intuitive and easy to use. We have designed the system with a user interface that is immediately familiar. If you have used Microsoft products in the past, the Strato interface should be almost self-explanatory.

That adds up to both smooth and lower cost of adoption because of the reduction in training time and resources.

Easy trial

We offer Strato as a free thirty-day trial and Noah data is easily imported and exported if you want to test Strato with live data. If you then decide to purchase Strato, you merely sign up and start paying your monthly fee. You do not need to start over.

All of the data and workflows that you have created in your 30-day trial period will continue to work. You do not need to buy extra hardware or additional server space. Since Strato is a cloud-based solution, you just log on, and you are ready to go. All your data is safely stored in the cloud – accessible to you from anywhere. If you need to work offline, Strato will support this too.

One system for everything

With Strato you can keep all your data in one integrated system, making it convenient and fast to manage your customer experience and take care of business.
If you would like to experience the power that Strato delivers, simply contact us with a request for a trial.

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