Primus Business Analytics

a powerful new business tool for Audiology businesses

A changing customer

The people that the audiology profession deals with every day have changed. The demographic is younger, and their general outlook and education standards are different. The modern prospect customer is also less trusting of traditional authority figures and they are better informed about their problems. They also have a different attitude to their health.

The typical modern prospect customer has done their research and has some knowledge about testing and treatment options. They are also better informed about the technology available. With that said, their purchase decisions are not necessarily based solely on price.

“A more informed customer
looking for the best customer experience”

Even if they become a customer, you cannot take their loyalty for granted as they are happy to move on to somewhere else if their experience with a brand is not good.

The customer experience plays a large part in the thoughts of the modern prospect. To deliver a customer experience, you need to be able to define and manage that experience across your business. But doing so involves commercial decisions that will have an effect on your bottom line.

Delivering insight for continuous business improvement

Hard data is the foundation of all good commercial business decisions. We at Auditdata understand this implicitly and the concept has been shaping our innovation for many years. The recent introduction of Primus Business Analytics is a step forward in ensuring that you have a complete data visualization of your business.

It offers a complete overview of your processes and how they affect your commercial success. It is only with a complete overview that you can make valid commercial business decisions based on hard facts.

Combining your patient management system data (such as from our own Strato, or Sycle) with business analytics provides a wealth of information to support both the best possible customer journey and the optimization of your conversion rates. It offers hard data on best practice protocols and the true effect they have on your KPIs.

Finally answering the questions

Does QuickSIN or speech testing have an effect on conversion rate and pre-fit cancellation rate? Does visible speech mapping have an effect on post-fit cancellation rate? I think it is fair to say that the profession thinks that they do and studies show they should. But yet, up to now, it has been hard to quantify that in your clinic setting. With Primus and Business Analytics you can achieve complete visualization of the data and answer those questions using hard facts.

“Hard facts make better commercial decisions”

Far more than just data visualization

While we believe that data visualization is key to business success, Primus Business Analytics will offer any business a lot more than just that. We believe that the features we have built will make life easier for any audiology business, from a small multi dispenser practice to a global wide corporate business.

A scalable system with many benefits

We have built a scalable system that offers many benefits that will make life easier, benefits such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Calibration Management
  • Central IT Control
  • Compliance Management and Documentation
  • Process Visualization and Management

Asset management

Our system gives a full overview of your Primus Units and Primus Transducers. It offers detailed info on the locations of Primus unit and transducer types and their serial numbers. It provides the last use date, which allows you to understand if you are utilizing your systems to best effect. The inventory list is consistently updated as your staff uses their Primus systems.

Calibration management

The system offers full visibility of the calibration information of all your transducers. The system details the last calibration date and more importantly when your transducers are due for calibration. Information which allows you to plan forward for all your calibration needs. With the easy swap out replacement system for Primus transducers, there should never be any downtime.

Centralised IT control

The system details the Primus software versions and firmware versions of all your Primus systems. It allows you to ensure the best setup for your operations. Whether you have two systems or two thousand systems, it allows you to push global settings for all Primus setups to fit your company customer processes and best practices to support the best customer experience and an efficient sales process.

Process visualisation and management

The system logs and documents the undertaking of testing procedures. It allows full visualization and proofing of any and all testing procedure that is undertaken. If you have a legislative or contractual test need (e.g. REMs in the UK, or particular tests required to receive state/insurance coverage), Primus Business Analytics offers irrefutable proof of the testing process and the time taken.

Simplified clinical auditing

This feature also allows for simple clinical or process auditing based on any company internal process requirements. We like to call the system the ‘Black Box of Audiology’ when your staff closes the testing room door, it allows you to understand which tests they perform and how long they spend doing them.

We believe that the system will deliver complete insight into actual processes allowing you to identify best practices and training needs, as well as providing the info that will allow you to divide and adjust allocated time for any sub-processes etc.

The system also delivers valuable information beyond testing processes. It also allows you to visualize hearing aid fitting processes by brand, how long does each brand take to fit for instance.

Powerful insights

Please note that Primus and Business Analytics include systems and usage data and thus no client data and no financial/sales data in its own right. You can, however, unleash the real power when you combine the data with your patient management system or ERP system.

You can export all the data to industry standard reporting tools for company-specific KPI monitoring and reporting. The system adds a whole new layer of visibility that reveals important new data points for understanding how processes affect conversion and retention.

If you are interested, why don’t you drop by Booth 1307 at AAA in Columbus, March 27-29, 2019, to discuss how we think our solutions can help your business needs.

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