Changing the Scheduler to meet your needs

In this update, we have made changes to the scheduler module that we hope will meet your broader needs and make you more efficient than before. We have new Patient Alerts so that you can easily see relevant, important information related to a Patient. We have designed a new office resource management system which allows you to track and assign resources within your scheduler.

The new appointment outcomes and actions system will allow you to ensure that you deliver a consistent client journey across your organisation. Our find slot for appointments search will quickly give you an overview of your free slots, and finally, our new appointment history look will allow you to understand what is going on in your practices at a glance. Let’s take a look.


Patient Alerts

We now allow you to create custom alerts which appear when opening a client screen or an appointment with the client. We believe that this will enable you to keep track of relevant information related to a specific patient and take any action you might need. The alerts can be as diverse as the patient has allergies or that a translator is required.

An alert can be selected to show on an appointment or the Patient or both. The alert then shows when opening a patient screen or appointment. You can make the alert a one-time event or leave it as a constant reminder. A one time alert will be shown only once; after this, it will be automatically marked as Completed. If you mark an alert as Completed, it will not appear again.

You can create multiple alerts for a patient, and those will be displayed on a patient screen or an appointment, depending on the settings you have entered. The system will also show a warning sign for every client with active alerts in the patient search results.

Office Resource Management

We have designed a new system so that you can better track office resources like sound booths, audiometers or even specific consulting rooms. You can create a resource type and assign it to the office, as you create appointments in this office, you can simply add a required resource.


Appointment Outcomes and Actions

We have designed a new Enterprise level feature allowing you to assign outcomes to appointment types and add particular follow up actions for every outcome. At the end of an appointment when you attach an outcome, the relevant next steps will be displayed. We believe the new system will help you to ensure a consistent client experience across your organisation.

Find Slot for Appointments

With busy appointments calendar finding the right spot for the appointment might become a challenge. Now you can do it in Strato just with a few clicks. Start creating an appointment and click the Find Slot for Appointment button. Select the office and user for the appointment. Then specify:

  • Start Date
  • Preferred appointment duration
  • Weekday preference
  • Time slot preference
  • The number of results you want Strato to return for your search (max. 20). Then click Search.

You can now choose the appropriate time slot from the Search Results section. Find the slot suitable both for the patient and for the office specialist and then click Select slot and you can then create the appointment.

New Look for Appointment History

We have redesigned the view of the appointment history in Strato to ensure it is easier for you to track all the appointments. Open the client screen and go to the Client Info tab to find the patient appointments sorted by the date. Grey icon indicates the appointment is in the past, blue icon – appointment is scheduled for the future, and a red icon means the appointment is either cancelled, or the patient did not arrive.

Dedicated to Making Your Life Easier

At Auditdata we see our function as providing the tools you need to make your life easier. We hope that our new Scheduler related tools will do that.


You can read an in-depth rundown of the new features and how to utilize them here:


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You can always contact us directly, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Strato.

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