Reliable traditional audiological testing solutions

If you are looking for reliable traditional audiological testing solutions, then the Entomed range of three audiometers that provides in-depth middle ear testing are well worth a look. If you need a conventional stand-alone audiometer, then the Entomed range has a device that will fit your needs. 

Entomed SA 202 IV

Entomed SA 202

It’s a lightweight screening audiometer that will speed up your testing process with automatic tests and easy transfer of audiograms to a computer.

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Entomed SA 203 IV

Entomed SA 203

A lightweight traditional manual/automatic pure-tone and bone conduction diagnostic audiometer with narrow band masking and optional PC connection.

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Entomed SA 204 IV Copy

Entomed SA 204

A manual/automatic pure-tone, bone conduction and speech testing diagnostic audiometer with narrowband and speech noise masking with optional PC connection.

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Collection of Audiometers

Discover our other audiometers that have been bringing joy to our customers for years. Click below to explore each product and find detailed information.

Measure - Diagnostic Audiometer & Fitting Unit - 1

Our New Diagnostic Hearing Assessment & Fitting Unit

The Measure audiometer and fitting unit solution offers flexibility through a wide range of accessories. Our sleek and stackable device seamlessly integrates into any clinic decor, optimizing space while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

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