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The Primus Ice is the perfect choice if you are looking for a portable Noah integrated clinical audiometer. Without the lid, the Primus Ice audiometer is no bigger than an envelope making it an ideal solution for diagnostic audiometry on the move.

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Measure Software

We Offer The Most Common Types of Hearing Fitting Tests

Our cutting-edge Measure Software provides a comprehensive range of standard hearing assessment and hearing instrument fitting tests. What sets our software apart is its modular design, empowering clinicians to tailor their software package with specific modules that suit their preferences. This approach ensures a resilient and personalized experience that perfectly aligns with your needs.

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Pure-tone audiometry

Pure-tone testing is a standard test to measure the hearing range in each ear by finding the quietest sound the ear can detect at different pitches and volume.


Bone conduction

A bone conduction audiometry test helps an audiologist to determine if there is a problem in the outer or middle ear, generally known as conductive hearing loss. 

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Audiometric masking

Audiometric Masking is performed to provide accurate results of Pure Tone Audiometry by separating the ears acoustically. This means that the non-test ear is exposed to a masking noise and therefore is unable to assist the test ear. 

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Auto-Hughson westlake

Primus Ice offers automatized Hughson-Westlake audiometry and can be used as a screening tool for adult patients.

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Speech audiometry

A speech audiometry test is used to assess a client’s ability to recognize speech in a variety of situations. People who have hearing loss say that hearing speech is the most troubling area. 

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Speech-in-noise (SIN)

More advanced speech testing takes into account how speech is understood in the presence of noise. A series of words are played, accompanied by various noise types.

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Quick speech in noise

The QuickSIN is a speech-in-noise test that quickly and easily measures the ability to hear in noise. The QuickSIN test should be used on all adult patients as part of the audiometric test battery.

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TEN test

The Threshold Equalizing Noise (TEN) test is used to identify dead regions in the cochlea. The TEN signal masks hair cells that may pick up the pure tone signal adjacent to the dead region.

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SISI is a test intended to recognise 1dB increases in intensity during a series of pure tone bursts. This was designed to assist in the determination of where the hearing impairment arose from.

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The Effective Way to Make Home Visits Works

Audiologist Liat Rubinstein made in-home visits a key element of her solo practice. Learn why she found Primus Ice the most suitable solution. 

Technical specifications

TRANSDUCERS: Insert Earphone, TDH39, DD45, DD65v2, ER 3C, B71

ADD-ONS POSSIBLE: Two Free field speakers


LEVELS: -10 dB HL up to 120 dB HL (maximum output is limited by transducer capability)

COMPATIBILITY: Noah 4 or higher as well as other practice management software systems such as Auditdata Manage and Auditbase

DIMENSIONS: 167 x 110 x 32 mm (181 x 115 x 94 mm with cover)

WEIGHT: 375 g (550 g with cover)

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