What is the Real Ear to Coupler Difference (RECD)?

RECD serves as a useful tool employed during Real Ear Measurements (REM). It determines the acoustical difference between a real ear canal and a standardized coupler, often a 2cc coupler. This measurement offers invaluable insights into the validation of hearing aids for all patients. Its significance is particularly pronounced in cases involving pediatric patients, where its utility truly shines.

Why use Real Ear to Coupler Difference for Hearing Aid Fittings?

How to Employ (RECD) Values

Measured RECD

For both adult and pediatric patients, RECD can be measured. Essentially, a probe tube is inserted into the ear canal, along with an insert headphone, to measure the Sound Pressure Level (SPL). This measured SPL output is then subtracted from the SPL output within a standardized coupler to derive the individual's unique RECD. Once this step is complete, the probe tube can be gently removed from the patient's ear, and a multitude of Real Ear Measurements can be seamlessly conducted with the hearing aid connected to the coupler, utilizing the obtained RECD values.

Standardized RECD

If you’re unable to measure RECD for a particular patient, standardized values, normalized by age, are available. When using these values, measures can be entirely performed off the patient’s ear in a test box using a standardized, often 2cc, coupler. While measured RECD values are ideal, standardized values can not only save time, but are useful when verifying hearing aids for children and other patients who may not tolerate probe tube insertion.

RECD Patient Sitting

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