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Meet Team Australia & New Zealand

We’re delighted to introduce you to some of our amazing colleagues from the APAC team and tell you a bit about them, including their roles and backgrounds.

"There’s constant opportunity for innovation, learning, and collaboration with diverse teams because we’re a global company, and we’re continuously improving our processes. We’re regularly improving to deliver the best platform, best implementation, and Best Care Experiences for all our customers."


Claire Banneth

Project Manager

Daryl ANZ

Daryl Staley-Jackson

VP of Sales /Country Manager ANZ
Daryl is dedicated to enhancing our presence in ANZ by fostering strong relationships with customers and expanding our local team. His focus is on providing exceptional solutions to meet the unique needs of hearing clinics in the area.


Baby Alberta Descalso

Customer Success Manager
Alberta focuses on customer onboarding and training, ensuring that every Auditdata customer in Australia feels supported and confident. Her goal is to make sure each customer has a smooth and successful experience with Auditdata.

Rocky x Auditdata

Robert "Rocky" Joaquin

Account Executive
Rocky is dedicated to helping (potential) customers find the right solutions for their hearing clinics. He provides extensive knowledge about Auditdata's solutions, ensuring customers understand how our products can meet their needs.


Earl Martin Tien Panghulan

Head of Support
Earl oversees all support managers, ensuring every customer receives the assistance they need to flawlessly manage their hearing clinic. His leadership guarantees that our support team delivers exceptional service.

Amber Rainbow

Amber Rainbow

Presales Manager
Amber works mainly with our enterprise customers. She looks at the customers’ requirements for running their businesses, determining how we can meet their need and solve their challenges.

Karen Tablizo

Karen Tablizo

Support Manager
For the past six years, Karen has been a crucial part of Auditdata. With her extensive experience and deep understanding of our solutions, Karen has built strong relationships with clients, ensuring they receive reliable and knowledgeable assistance. 


Ian Whittle

Sales Engineer
Ian is dedicated to demonstrating the full capabilities of Auditdata's equipment to our customers. He travels to meet with customers, ensuring they understand how everything works and feel confident using our products.


Claire Banneth

Project Manager
Claire engages with customers from the discovery phase, gathering technical requirements and helping build their scope of work. Claire collaborates with various teams to start projects, outlining plans and timelines. 

Jhon X Auditdata

Jhon Mhartee Mendoza

Support Manager
You might speak with Jhon when you first contact us for help. He specializes in handling requests to make your interface more user-friendly. Jhon is dedicated to teaching customers how to use our solutions and ensuring you have a smooth experience with our products. If you have any questions or need assistance, Jhon will be there to support you.

Angie X Auditdata

Angielou Radomes

Implementation Specialist
Angie provides technical support and training, teaching our customers how to use Auditdata's software solutions effectively and implement solutions to meet their needs. Angie excels at finding creative solutions for complex technical challenges and enjoys helping customers optimize their workflows. 


Jamie Junio

Implementation Specialist
Jamie is also part of our Implementation team. She specializes in data migration and integration of our Practice Management Software, Manage. Jamie ensures smooth and effective implementation to a diverse range of customers. 


Aristotele Abejuela

DevOps Engineer
Aris ensures that our systems run smoothly and recover quickly if any issues arise. Aris and his team work continuously to maintain system reliability, ensuring that you can always use our products and services without interruption. If any server or system issues occur, Aris is dedicated to resolving them swiftly to keep your operations running smoothly.

Spread Across the Globe

With over 30 nationalities represented, our team of 150+ dedicated professionals spans the globe, all united by one common goal: to improve the quality of life by enabling the best care experience for all.



Our largest team is based in Europe, with our headquarters in Copenhagen and offices in Ukraine, the Netherlands, and the UK. We are deeply committed to serving both the public and private sectors in Europe.

Meet Team Europe
USA & Canada

United States

Over the past years, we have focused on building a dedicated team in the USA to expertly serve our customers. Our local expertise in areas such as reimbursements and calibrations ensures that we meet the specific needs of the US market with precision and care.

Meet Team USA

Provide Best Care Experiences To Every Patient At Every Touchpoint

Learn how we supports hearing care professionals and patients across the entire customer journey, from early screening and detection through fitting and follow-ups.