Reliable traditional audiological testing solutions

If you are looking for reliable traditional audiological testing solutions, then the Entomed range of four audiometers and a Tympanometer that provides in-depth middle ear testing are well worth a look.

Are You looking for traditional, manual stand-alone audiometers? The Entomed range is the ideal solution for you

If you need a conventional stand-alone audiometer, then the Entomed range has a device that will fit your needs. With two great screening audiometers and two fully functional diagnostic audiometers, the Entomed range covers all audiometric needs with user-friendly, robust and reliable devices.

Four fantastic audiometers

The range is made up of four fantastic audiometers, the 201 which is a traditional screening audiometer, the 202, a screening audiometer with auto testing features. The 203 which is a versatile lightweight diagnostic audiometer and the 204 which offers fully functional diagnostic testing and computer connection. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the devices

Screening audiometer solutions to fit every need

The Entomed range offers two lightweight screening audiometers that will meet every demand. Looking for a lightweight screening solution that’s easy to carry around? Then look no further.

Entomed SA 201

– if you are looking for a simple screening audiometer

If you need a conventional robust, reliable and light-weight screening audiometer for fast, basic screening and hearing threshold determination. The Entomed SA 201 is just that. With a traditional control panel and buttons for convenient testing, it is also programmable for your individual needs.

Entomed SA 201

Entomed SA 202

– if you are looking for a screening audiometer that saves you time

The Entomed SA 202 is the solution you need. It’s a lightweight screening audiometer that will speed up your testing process with automatic tests and easy transfer of audiograms to a computer.

Diagnostic audiometers that meet the needs of modern clinical hearing care

The Entomed range also offers two lightweight diagnostic audiometers that fit every demand. If you are looking for a lightweight diagnostic solution that’s easy to carry around but offers in-depth testing protocols, then look no further.

Entomed SA 203

– if you are looking for a versatile lightweight diagnostic audiometer

If you need in-depth testing capabilities in an easy to use and carry package, well then, the Entomed SA 203 is the ideal solution for you. A lightweight traditional manual/automatic pure-tone and bone conduction diagnostic audiometer with narrow band masking and optional PC connection.

Entomed SA 204

– if you are looking for a fully featured diagnostic audiometer for clinic and field use time

If you need a lightweight, fully featured diagnostic audiometer, the Entomed SA 204 is the solution you have been looking for. The SA 204 is a manual/automatic pure-tone, bone conduction and speech testing diagnostic audiometer with narrowband and speech noise masking with optional PC connection.

Entomed TY-101
Tympanometer & diagnostic OAE

The Entomed TY-101 is a flexible and upgradeable Tympanometer for quick and reliable testing of middle ear conditions. As a stand-alone unit with simple and intuitive touchscreen control, the TY-101 will support the daily work at the hearing care clinic or during domiciliary visits.

Complete fitting solution

Are you a hearing care specialist looking for a combined audiometer and fitting solution that is portable, easy-to-use and competitively priced?


Management system

Tailored to accommodate all the administrative needs at an audiology clinic or shop, our software covers all your needs

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