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Boost Lead Quality Tremendously With iPad Hearing Screeners

Many hearing clinics rely on traditional marketing efforts to attract prospects. Your efforts may attract droves of potential customers, but if the people who visit your clinics have no hearing loss, then you’re wasting precious time and money testing them. A smarter, more effective approach is to use iPad screeners placed in strategic locations (such as physicians’ offices, pharmacies, wellness fairs, or other community locations) to pre-screen prospects. 

A Huge, Untapped Market For Hearing Aids

Boost Engage Untapped Market
  • More than 1.5 billion people in the world have hearing loss, and that number is expected to increase to 2.5 billion people by 2050. 
  • Hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical condition after arthritis and heart disease. 
  • Hearing loss is twice as common as diabetes or cancer.
  • The odds of experiencing hearing loss grow as we age. For example, a third of people aged 65-74 have hearing loss in the United States, and that number grows to nearly half for people 75+.
  • Only one-third of people with hearing loss wear hearing aids, which means there’s a huge, untapped market of potential customers. 
  • Numerous industry surveys have found that hearing aids are under-utilized, and the most common reasons that people with hearing loss don’t wear the devices are cost and perceived stigma.

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Private Audiology Clinic Uses a Hearing Screener To Generate Pre-Qualified Leads

Hearing screener - Auditdata Engage - Hoyrnin

Hoyrnin, the only private, independent audiology shop on the Faroe Islands, successfully uses Auditdata’s portable iPad hearing screener, Engage to generate leads.  

Shop owner/head audiologist Jutta Helgadóttir uses Engage in the clinic and in partnership with local companies who screen their employees’ hearing as part of their health programs. 

Jutta wants Hoyrnin to become the knowledge center of ears in the Faroe Islands. As part of this effort, she has secured agreements with local companies who use her iPad hearing screener so their employees can conduct self-screenings.   

Jutta visits these companies to talk with employees about how hearing and general health are intertwined. She explains:

  • Why good hearing is essential,
  • How proper hearing is related to health benefits (such as lowering stress), and
  • How proper hearing can help enhance employees’ lives (e.g., allowing them to hear conversations and instructions properly, helping them hear better in meetings, letting them fully enjoy television and music, etc.)

The employees also have the benefit of free hearing screenings at their workplace, allowing them to assess (and treat) any hearing issues. The arrangement is a win-win for all parties involved, including the companies, employees, and Jutta’s shop.

Read the full customer story with Hoyrin here

Offer Quick, Convenient, And Free Screenings

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Some people are more willing to participate in a quick, convenient hearing test out in the community versus making an effort to call, book an appointment at your shops, and come in for a screening with a Hearing Care Professional (HCP).  

Most people will appreciate using a hearing screening in convenient locations, like their grocery store or pharmacy. They will also be happy to know that the screener doesn’t require an appointment and is free to use.

In addition to using Engage out in the community, it’s good practice to have a portable hearing screener in high-visibility locations in your shops so friends and relatives, who are often joining their loved ones’ appointments, can quickly take a hearing test in the waiting area.  

It takes just a few minutes to use the hearing screener. Prospects can self-administer the test and get accurate results.

While it’s true that most people experience hearing loss as they age, younger people can also have difficulty hearing. Integrating technology – offering hearing screenings through an iPad – and making these tests quick and convenient are good ways to target younger demographics. 

It can also be valuable to show younger prospects the “proof” of their hearing loss using iPad-based hearing screeners. Engage provides accurate, objective information about each user’s ability to hear clearly and correctly. 

Pre-Qualified Leads Have High Conversion Rates To Boost Sales

Boost Engage Higher Conversion

IPad-based hearing screeners provide a variety of benefits:

  • Helps service providers engage with potential customers and generate valuable leads with less staff effort and related cost. 
  • Allows your shop to conduct screenings out of the office and significantly boost your qualified leads and sales.
  • Streamlines the customer journey. Results from Engage are automatically sent to Auditdata’s Practice Management System (PMS), Manage, so shop staff can follow up with those who need appointments for more robust hearing tests.
  • Pre-qualifies leads, which means shops will have a very high conversion rate. Pre-qualifying leads with a screener means that your shop’s Hearing Care Professionals can prioritize customers with proven hearing loss and avoid wasting time on appointments for people with proper hearing.
  • Makes qualified leads immediately actionable.
  • Synchronizes with the cloud so all screening data is safely and securely backed up. 
  • Allows Hearing Care Professionals to work offline and sync the records to their PMS when they’re back in the shops, which is ideal for conducting hearing screenings in remote areas without reliable Internet.
  • Allows you to easily brand your hearing screener to create a professional, trustworthy, identifiable environment for your users and strengthen your brand identity. Branding allows you to add your shop’s logo, customized messages, short videos, and more. Giving the screener the same look and feel as your signage and other marketing materials is a perfect way to make the platform look and feel like your own.
  • Adheres to the highest security standards (as all Auditdata solutions do).

If customers have already had a hearing test – and know they have a hearing loss – they are much further along in their buying journey than other leads who book a hearing test to assess their hearing. This means that they come to the shop ready to act on their hearing loss and are often willing to consider hearing aids as a solution.

A Clever Way To Engage With Prospects

Boost Engage Customer

While there are huge numbers of people with untreated hearing loss, it’s still challenging for audiology shops to get them through the door, as many people still have negative associations with hearing aids (e.g., they will be expensive, they will make me look old) and postpone audiology appointments.

Self-screeners such as Auditdata Engage represent a clever way to connect with prospects and capture their attention in new settings:

  • Having hearing screeners out in the community may feel less “threatening” to people who are struggling with their hearing loss. 
  • Often, people with hearing loss view booking an appointment with an audiologist as a huge deal and may be overwhelmed by the idea of going to your shops for a full hearing examination. 
  • Many people don’t – or can’t – visit hearing shops, because of mobility issues, lack of transportation, concerns about associated costs, perceived negative stigma around hearing aids, etc.  
  • If these people are unable (or unwilling) to visit your shops in person, it can be quite valuable to provide a portable screener at alternate locations (e.g., their home, retirement facilities, or out in the community). This is a non-threatening way to show them the extent of their hearing loss and can extend your shop’s reach.
  • If the screener indicates hearing loss, your staff can encourage a prospect to visit your shops for a more complete screening and discussion of their options. 

Auditdata’s software allows you to successfully track and follow the lead throughout the customer journey, with regular communication to convince them to buy. 

Use A Screener To Drive More Traffic For OTC Hearing Aids

Boost Engage OTC

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are already available in some countries, and they will be available in the US in October 2022. 

Hearing screeners can be used to generate traffic to Costco, optical stores, and/or other shops that offer over-the-counter hearing aids. 

These OTC providers would be wise to use Engage as an OTC hearing screening tool to increase awareness of prospects’ hearing loss, introduce them to OTC hearing aid options, and drive more traffic to shops that provide OTC devices.

Auditdata’s Innovative, User-Friendly Solution 

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Auditdata Engage is a simple, user-friendly iPad-based solution. Engage integrates seamlessly with Manage, Auditdata’s PMS, capturing qualified leads, so your shop can easily follow each customer through their entire hearing care journey.

When using Engage, test results from hearing screenings are automatically emailed to the customer so they can see the details of their hearing loss. Then, hopefully, they’ll be inspired to come to your shops for a more detailed assessment and hearing aid purchase.  

During the appointment, the HCP will perform a more thorough hearing test and recommend solutions to help solve each customer’s hearing issues. This will help solve hearing problems ear by ear.

Auditdata Engage allows hearing shops to get new qualified leads with less effort and cost compared to conventional ways of identifying and attracting potential new customers. 

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Auditdata helps hearing care providers improve clinical care and drive their business performance and growth. Our data-driven, connected solutions help clients in all stages of the hearing care lifecycle, and we work with hearing care professionals to improve hearing, ear by ear. For more infomrmation about Auditdata’s integrated, intuitive, user-friendly tech solutions for audiology shops, please get in touch with us. 

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