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Exploring the Versatility of Portable Audiometers

Portable audiometers are a convenient option to help practitioners reach more patients than ever before. From patients in rural communities, hospitals, and schools to screening at community events to generate leads, a portable audiometer is an indispensable tool for any audiologist.

Portable audiometers are versatile and powerful tools that have revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairments and expanded access to hearing healthcare. In the past, hearing tests were primarily conducted in clinical settings as audiometers were large, immobile instruments—this limited access for individuals unable to travel due to location or physical impairments.

With the advent of portable audiometers, hearing tests can now be conducted in various settings, including schools, workplaces, elderly homes, and even in patients' homes.

In-Patient Hospital Settings

Hospital Hearing Consultation

Patients admitted to a hospital or emergency department may experience hearing loss for a variety of reasons. An individual may present to the emergency room with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss, or an admitted patient may suddenly experience hearing loss because of infections like meningitis or as a side effect of necessary ototoxic medication. In these situations, time is of the essence. Patients admitted to the hospital, however, are unable to travel to a clinic for timely audiological testing.

In these situations, a portable audiometer is a game-changer. Practitioners can use these portable devices to travel to the patient and perform preliminary testing allowing for a quick diagnosis and treatment plan.

Workplace Settings

Workplace Setting For Hearing Loss

Portable audiometers are also useful in workplace settings where they can be used to screen large numbers of people quickly and efficiently. Having the ability to bring a portable audiometer on-site can help employers test a larger number of employees than if those same employees had to travel during off hours to a clinic.

While particularly useful for employees in noisy environments, hearing healthcare is important in any field where communication is imperative. This can help identify workers who may be at risk of developing hearing loss and allow them to take preventive measures.

School Screenings

Audiology In School Screening Kids

14.9% of school aged (6-19 years old) children present with some degree of hearing loss in the United States. While hearing loss is often identified at birth as a result of the early hearing detection intervention program, hearing loss can present in children beginning at any age.

Even a mild hearing loss can result in poorer than normal auditory perception and cognitive abilities as well as speech in noise perception difficulties in school-aged children. As these milder losses can go largely unnoticed by parents or caregivers, school hearing screenings can be a useful tool to identify these children.

Portable audiometers allow practitioners to quickly screen a large number of children for hearing impairments and identify those who should be referred for further testing. Early detection of hearing impairments is essential for children's development and academic performance. Portable audiometers can help identify children with hearing impairments and allow for early intervention to minimize the impact on their development and academic progress.

Patient Lead Generation

Lead Generation Audiology

Patient lead generation refers to the process of identifying potential patients who may benefit from your services. This can be done through various methods, including online advertising, referrals, and community outreach. For audiologists, patient lead generation can be achieved by conducting hearing screenings using portable audiometers in various settings, such as community events and health fairs. This approach allows audiologists to expand their patient base and reach individuals who may not have otherwise considered hearing tests.

Portable audiometers can be set up quickly and easily, allowing audiologists to conduct hearing screenings in various settings. Not only does this allow audiologists to reach individuals who may not have visited a clinic on their own accord, but it also helps to increase awareness of hearing health and the importance of regular hearing screenings.

Auditdata Measure

Auditdata's portable audiometer, Primus Ice

Primus Ice is an indispensable tool for obtaining efficient and accurate results on the go. Primus Ice has the ability to complete full audiometric assessments, including air conduction and bone conduction testing, audiometric masking, speech audiometry and even speech-in-noise testing. No matter where you go, whether that be an in-patient hospital, a nursing home, or even an office building, the Primus Ice allows you to provide top-notch patient care.


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