’s Unique Concept Makes It Easy to Get Hearing Aids   

 is a unique chain in Denmark, with three clinics offering optical and audiological services and products and providing extraordinary customer experiences.

They are using Primus, a user-friendly audiometer from the Measure portfolio, as well as Engage, Auditdata’s portable hearing screener, to effectively and accurately pre-qualify prospects and generate leads.

Auditdata sat down with Rasmus Bertelsen Planck, the Founder of 2Ø, to discuss their unique retail concept and how Auditdata's solutions enable them to provide the best care experiences to their patients. 

Buitk Cafe

The name comes from the Danish word for eyes and ears, and this company focuses on these important senses, helping their customers take care of – and improve – their vision and hearing. The staff at 2Ø provides exceptional, customized shopping experiences combined with professionalism, accessibility, and simplicity for their customers. 

2Ø is proudly using Auditdata products. The busy clinic staff needs “solutions that just work,” as they don’t have time to fiddle around with complex or unreliable equipment. That’s why they rely on Primus, an audiometer from the Measure portfolio, which has proven to be dependable, user-friendly, and intuitive.

They also need a reliable way to pre-qualify prospects and generate leads, so they use Engage, Auditdata’s portable hearing screener, which lets them quickly, easily, and accurately screen people and refer anyone with hearing loss to their audiologists for further testing, diagnoses, and treatment.

"Auditdata has great solutions, nice people, wonderful service and support. It’s very important that we have a simple, plug-and-play solution that works well for us, like Auditdata does."

Rasmus From 2Ø Auditdata Customer Story


Founder of 2Ø

Auditdata’s Simple Plug-In Solutions  

2Ø using Auditdata solutions

The audiologists at 2Ø use Primus, an audiometer from the Measure portfolio.   

“When we were choosing the equipment for our clinics, we asked our audiologists, ‘What kind of system do you want? And they said, ‘We want Primus.’ So that’s what we got,” Rasmus explained. “Our audiologists said it’s a great system, which it is, so that’s why we use it.” 

"We’ve used Primus for nearly two years, and it’s been as good as they said it was. This solution is perfect for our needs. When you open a new clinic or have a new concept, like we do, things just have to work. Primus is fantastic. It works well, and Auditdata’s introduction and implementation were great."

Rasmus From 2Ø Auditdata Customer Story


Founder of 2Ø

2Ø also uses Engage, a portable iPad Hearing Screener, to support early screening and detection. Engage empowers hearing care professionals to engage with potential customers, qualify valuable leads earlier, and begin developing a tailored customer experience. 

Engage is an accurate pre-screening experience fit for today’s patients and designed to streamline lead conversion for audiologists and clinics. 

So far, 2Ø has done over 400 screenings with Engage, out of which 31 % showed signs of hearing loss.  

Engage Report For 2Ø

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A Unique Concept for Both Vision and Hearing  

hearing aids and glasses

According to Rasmus, today’s optical industry offered retail stores that were similar to fashion stores. People could come in without an appointment, be treated well, have an enjoyable shopping experience, and leave with customized solutions – stylish, flattering glasses that improved their vision. He vowed to do something similar for hearing healthcare, providing a better, more pleasant audiology experience than what was available in the marketplace. 

We wanted to mimic the optical experience for hearing care. So, we created a clinic where people could come in without an appointment, get a hearing screening and – if they had hearing loss – see an audiologist and get their hearing aids that same day,” Rasmus explained.

Our concept was to make it as easy to get hearing aids as it is to get glasses. I wondered, ‘Why hasn’t anyone done this before in Denmark?’

“At , we’re the only ones in Denmark to employ both opticians and audiologists, and the only ones delivering exceptional vision and hearing services and solutions,” Rasmus continued. “With a clear focus on eyes and ears, we renew and unite two classic industries for the first time in Denmark. We offer sharp vision and sharp hearing at a sharp price.” 

Rasmus said it was also important to move away from the idea that people who can’t hear are sick. 

"We didn’t want them to have to see their doctor, get a referral, and need an appointment to come see us for hearing screenings and solutions. We designed 2Ø so people could come in off the street, have a great experience, and immediately get the hearing solutions they need. We make it as easy to get hearing aids as it is to get glasses."

Rasmus From 2Ø Auditdata Customer Story


Founder of 2Ø

People think getting hearing aids is not as fun as getting glasses, but 2Ø is changing the experience. Optical stores typically make it pleasant – and even fun – to get glasses. But no one wants hearing aids. It seems taboo to many people, who may think the process is hard, unpleasant, and overwhelming. But when you come into our clinics, you’ll have a different, better experience,” Rasmus explained.  

Customers can make an appointment for a vision or hearing test – but they don’t need to. People can just drop in and get a screening (or screenings) on the spot. And, at 2Ø, the hearing and vision screenings are completely free of charge and non-binding.  

A Cozy, Comfortable, Welcoming Environment 

2Ø - offering hearing aids and glasses - Auditdata Customer Story

The staff at 2Ø have created a welcoming atmosphere, which is quite different than “typical” optical and audiology clinics. Their shops feature comfortable furniture, good music, soft lighting, as well as free champagne and coffee. 

“We make people feel at home,” Rasmus explained. “You wouldn’t have people over to your home without offering them a comfortable place to sit and something good to eat or drink. Neither would we!” 

2Ø also features large, interactive screens in the clinics. When customers and prospects want to learn more about the optical and audiological products that 2Ø offers, they can easily view information and photographs on the screens. 

We teach people how the technology works, showing them how to use the screens to learn more about the wonderful products we offer,” said Rasmus. “It’s a great way to break the ice and talk to people with absolutely no pressure on them to buy anything.” 

2Ø makes it convenient to visit their clinics, with extended hours and multiple locations. 

“We offer very convenient hours. We’re open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm during the week, plus we have Saturday hours. No one else in Denmark offers that,” Rasmus said. 

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