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Auditdata Launches Revamped Manage Solution - Delivering a Best Customer Experience for Individuals with Hearing Impairments

Copenhagen, Denmark, September 12, 2023 –  Auditdata is thrilled to announce the launch of its revamped Manage Solution. This innovative Practice Management Software (PMS) delivers solutions for hearing care clinics to provide the Best Customer Experience for individuals with hearing impairments through data, accessibility, and improved workflows.

Hearing practices can now say goodbye to manual processes and data chaos. Auditdata’s award-winning, cloud-based audiology PMS streamlines workflows, takes practices paperless, and keeps patient data organized and secure. This audiology software guides hearing specialists through every aspect of the patient journey, reducing errors, saving time, and ultimately, providing the Best Care Experience to individuals with hearing impairment.

New Look and Feel

Manage solves key pain points for hearing clinics by streamlining their operations and enhancing patient care. This pioneering PMS includes:

  • Guided activity workflows: This core feature enhances the Best Care Experience by standardizing and optimizing all appointment activities from scheduling to invoicing.
  • Unified data management: Get rid of data clutter. Auditdata's software ensures clean, coherent data, enabling clinics to provide better individualized care.
  • Automated task management: System-generated tasks make it easier for hearing clinic staff to follow up with patients, thus ensuring a continual care experience.
  • Real-time messaging: Automated messaging services ensure that patients are well-informed and show up for appointments, contributing to a smoother, more reliable care process.
  • A seamless integration with Noah: The software takes a comprehensive, end-user-focused approach to address the challenges faced by hearing clinics.
  • Global support and security: Multilingual support, ISO certification, and hosting on Microsoft Azure provide robust support and security for hearing clinics worldwide.

“It’s so exciting for me to see the latest and greatest iteration of Auditdata Manage, which is an absolute game-changer, with improved functionality and plenty of significant benefits.  But we’ll never rest on our laurels. Our future vision is to continue using innovation, data, and AI functionality to revolutionize and transform the audiology industry, optimizing and elevating the way audiology is delivered,” said Kurt Bager, Chief Executive Officer at Auditdata.

Sean Auditdata CPO

"Our audiology software guides hearing providers through every aspect of the patient journey, reducing errors, saving time and ultimately, providing the Best Care Experience to individuals with hearing impairment. "

Sean Shoffstall

Chief Product Officer at Auditdata

“Manage is a modern system that streamlines clinics’ workflows while also using data to help them prepare for oncoming challenges. Our decision to focus on open standards of connectivity and global partnerships allows us to be able to react quickly to changing audiology market conditions. When your software can be more of an assistant and less of a tool, you can spend more time with your patients and that’s what Manage continually delivers.” - said Sean Shoffstall, Chief Product Officer at Auditdata.

“Auditdata is not just about software; it's about creating the Best Care Experience for both hearing care providers and individuals with hearing impairments. We tap into every stage of the hearing care lifecycle, harnessing the power of data to enhance clinic services,” Shoffstall added. “Whether it's reducing waiting times, improving first-fit accuracy, or boosting hearing aid usage, our solutions empower providers to offer the exceptional care that every patient deserves.”

Auditdata offers more than just a best-in-class PMS solution. The organization also provides a robust onboarding program that includes e-learning courses, certification programs, and one-on-one meetings to ensure smooth adoption and maximum utility.

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About Auditdata:

Auditdata transforms the way hearing care providers can manage and deliver services to people with hearing loss. With data-driven solutions and services catering to all touchpoints of the audiology customer journey, Auditdata helps you take a proactive approach to achieve excellence in the way you deliver patient care and run your audiology business. 

Established in 1992, Auditdata has more than 30 years of experience working specifically with retail and hospital audiology software and audiometry. Around the world, 5.000 clinics with 10.000+ users already use the company’s software daily to improve clinical performance.

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