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Your staff should spend time on what creates revenue and helps the patients. Our audiology patient management software makes it easy to create a new patient profile with all the basic information so you can move on to measurements as quickly as possible. If mistakes are made, everything can easily be edited after creation. 

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Patient Management Software Features
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New Patient Data Management

Enhance patient management with an intelligent interface that offers a centralized, organized view of patient data.

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New Activity Guidance

Ensure clinical activities are done with guidance and efficiency by providing step-by-step instructions for hearing exams, treatments, and procedures, improving clinical accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

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Patient Summary Card

Keep patient information at your fingertips with summary cards that provide a comprehensive and concise overview of each patient’s information.

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New Powerful Search Tool

Find patients quickly with an AI-powered search that allows for quick and accurate search results.

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NEW AI-Suggested Hearing Loss Values

Manage uses a smart tool to suggest hearing loss values based on patients' test results ensuring better choices for patients. 

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Document History

Track patient document history for comprehensive care with a centralized view of each patient's historical medical documents, improving the efficiency and accuracy of patient care.

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Lead Management

Nurture leads with advanced management tools designed to handle incoming leads from various sources, improving lead conversion rates and reducing administrative workload.

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Patient Surveys and Intake Forms

Go paperless and streamline the process of collecting important information about patients listening challenges and needs e.g. C.O.S.I. 

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Incoming Referrals

Simplify the incoming referrals process with a centralized system for tracking referral information and improving patient acquisition and care.

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Outgoing Medical Referrals

Streamline outgoing medical referrals with a feature that provides a streamlined process for sending referrals and integrates relevant patient information.

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Alternate Contacts

Ensure efficient communication with alternate contact management by capturing and storing contact information for patients’ alternate points of contact.

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Search Patient Notes

Easily search and access patient notes with a keyword search function, improving organization and patient care.

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Historical Patient Notes

Access all historical patient notes and medical records in one place for comprehensive patient care and improved treatment outcomes.

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Consent Interface

Simplify consent management with a secure and user-friendly interface that allows you to manage and track patient consent forms.

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Patient Archive

Streamline the patient archive process with ease by securely storing patient information that is no longer active or relevant.

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Manage E-learning

Explore Our E-Learning Course on Patient Management

This comprehensive E-learning course about Patient Management in Manage is designed to help you navigate the Patient Module confidently, create patients, easily access patient and clinical data, and overall manage patients in the system. 

Patient Data Management

Enhance Patient Management with an Intelligent Interface

Manage offers a centralized, organized view of existing and new patient information, including demographic information, appointment history, and medical records. With Manage, staff can easily add, update, and view patient information, improving the efficiency and accuracy of patient data management. This feature is user-friendly and intuitive, reducing the need for extensive training and minimizing the risk of errors. 

Activity Guidance

Guided Clinical Activities Done Effectively

Clinical activities guidance provides step-by-step instructions for hearing exams, treatments, and procedures, improving clinical accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. Accessible from the patient management screen, this feature helps audiologists save time and feel more confident, while ensuring that all necessary steps are completed for each patient.

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Workflow New

This feature allows to

  • Deliver high-quality and consistent care 
  • Get access to relevant patient information
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Improve clinical efficiency 

Patient Summary Card

Keep Patient Information at Your Fingertips with Summary Cards

The patient summary card provides a comprehensive and concise overview of each patient’s information. It provides quick access to key information about each patient on a single screen, thus saving time by preventing the user from having to search around different areas of the software. 

Summary Card New

With this feature, you can

  • Display key information (contact details, appointment and medical history) in an easy-to-read format
  • Quickly access and view patient data
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of patient care
Your Patient Database is a Hidden Gold Mine
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In this free guide, we'll explain why it's important to focus on your existing patients for business growth, and provide 5 actionable steps to help you leverage your patient database using Audiology Practice Management Software.

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AI-Suggested Hearing Loss Values

Make Better Decisions For Each Patient with AI-Powered Hearing Loss Values

Manage uses a smart tool to suggest hearing loss values based on patients' test results. This helps audiologists make better choices for their patients. The feature includes seeing suggested values in patient records, displaying them clearly in the system, making it easier for audiologists to pick the right hearing loss values for their patients.

Fast and Powerful Search

Find Patients Quickly with AI-powered Search

Our practice management software is designed for speed and efficiency and includes an advanced AI search feature that allows for quick, accurate search results, reducing the time it takes for staff to find the information they need. The feature is optimized for fast performance, making it ideal for hearing clinics with large patient databases. By using this feature, hearing clinics can benefit from faster, more accurate patient search results, improved patient data management, and enhanced patient care.

Document History

Easily Track Patient Document History

Get a centralized, organized view of each patient's historical medical documents, including test results, exam notes, medical history, and treatment plans. The platform offers an easy drag-and-drop file functionality, allowing staff to quickly add, access, and view important patient information. This feature helps improve the efficiency and accuracy of patient care, enabling staff to provide more personalized treatment plans for each patient, leading to better health outcomes.

Lead Management

Get an Overview of Incoming Leads

Manage is designed to easily handle incoming leads from various sources, such specific marketing campaigns, events, or lead generators (e.g. hearing screeners). Our software helps hearing clinics improve lead conversion rates, enhance patient acquisition, and reduce administrative workload.

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The feature

  • Provides a centralized system for tracking and managing leads
  • Allows hearing clinics to efficiently follow up with potential clients and convert leads into appointments
  • Helps drive clinic growth and increase revenue

Audiology Patient Experience Management

Go Paperless with Patient Intake Forms and Surveys

Say goodbye to paper surveys and forms. Our hearing clinic survey and intake form tool helps hearing clinics gather feedback and insights to enhance customer satisfaction. The tool stores information on customers' listening challenges and needs in the system, assisting audiologists in providing better services. With controls to create various client survey templates. See list of surveys and forms below. 


Assesses a patient's ear canal and eardrum using an otoscope.

Aid Memoire

Records information on hearing aids fitted to a patient, such as make, model, and programming settings.

Referable Condition

Identifies any conditions that may require referral to a specialist, such as an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor.

Patient and Clinical Consent

Obtains the patient's and/or clinician's permission to perform a procedure or treatment.

Wax Consent

Assesses a patient's earwax buildup and obtains their permission to remove it.

GP Referral Letter

A template that generates a referral letter for the patient's general practitioner (GP) to a specialist.


Assesses the patient's communication difficulties and measures the outcomes of interventions.


Assess a patient's hearing ability and handicap before and after treatment.

Patient Experience

Evaluates a patient's satisfaction with the hearing clinic's services and overall experience.

Post-wax removal

Assesses a patient's satisfaction with the earwax removal process and any discomfort or pain experienced.

Hearing Aids Details

Captures and stores information about a patient's hearing aids, such as make, model, and serial number.

Pre Audiometry

Gathers information on a patient's hearing history and other relevant health information before conducting an audiometry test.

Aural Impressions

Records information on the shape and size of a patient's ear canal for making custom ear molds or hearing aids.

Rehab Aid Memoire

Records information on the patient's rehabilitation program or follow-up plan after receiving hearing aids.

Microsuction Screening

Screens patients for earwax buildup and suitability for microsuction ear cleaning.

Pre or Post Microsuction

Assesses a patient's satisfaction with the microsuction ear cleaning process and any discomfort or pain experienced before or after the procedure.

Incoming Referrals

Simplify Incoming Referrals

Manage and track incoming referrals from other channels, such as GPs, easily and accurately. This feature provides a centralized system for tracking referral information, including referral sources, patient demographics, and referral reasons. This feature allows hearing clinics to efficiently follow up with referral sources, schedule appointments for referred patients, and capture important referral information. Benefits of using this feature include improved patient acquisition, improved referral management, enhanced patient care, and reduced administrative workload.

Outgoing Medical Referrals

Streamline Outgoing Medical Referrals

Outgoing Medical Referrals enables hearing clinics to refer patients to other providers or specialists, such as ENTs, as needed. This feature provides a streamlined process for sending referrals, including the ability to select the appropriate provider or specialist, track the status of the referral, and monitor the results. It also integrates relevant patient information, such as medical history and test results, to ensure that referrals are informed by the latest data. 

Are You Ready to Manage Your Business Operations and Clinical Tasks?

Take our practice management software for a spin and learn how you can get insights to improve sales, operations and marketing.

Alternate Contacts

Know Who To Contact with Alternate Contacts

Alternate Contacts allows hearing clinic staff to capture and store contact information for patients’ alternate points of contact to ensure that patients receive prompt, appropriate care if they are unable to communicate or make decisions for themselves. This feature is also useful in the event of an emergency, where quick access to alternate contact can be critical.

Search Patient Notes

Easily Search and Access Patient Notes with Fast Keyword Search

Patient notes with keyword search allows staff to quickly find relevant information within the patient's notes. This feature uses a lightning-fast search algorithm to locate specific phrases or terms, making finding and reviewing important information in seconds easier. This feature can significantly improve efficiency and make it easier to find relevant information promptly, enabling you to provide the best possible care for your patients.

Historical Patient Notes

Retrieve Historical Patient Notes with Ease

Easily search past patient notes and records to find relevant information, including previous diagnoses, treatments, and test results. This feature is specifically designed for audiologists who need to access customer history to provide accurate and effective treatment. Audiologists can quickly and efficiently find the information they need without having to search through multiple documents or records manually. This saves time and ensures that the most accurate information is used when treating patients, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Consent Interface

Simplify Consent Management with a Secure and User-Friendly Interface

Manage patient consent for medical procedures, treatments, as well as marketing and notification consent. It enables healthcare providers to obtain patient consent electronically and securely store it for future reference. The consent interface includes customizable forms for specific procedures, allowing patients to review and sign the forms electronically. This feature streamlines the consent process, eliminates the need for paper forms, and reduces the risk of errors and lost documents. In addition, the consent interface provides reports and a complete history of all consents for each patient, making it easy for healthcare providers to manage patient data and comply with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Patient Archive

Streamline the Patient Archive Process with Ease

The archive patients feature securely stores patient information that is no longer active or relevant. Archived patient information can still be accessed for historical purposes, but is removed from the active patient database. This feature helps hearing clinics maintain a clean, organized, up-to-date patient database, reducing the risk of data overload and improving overall efficiency. It also helps hearing clinics comply with privacy regulations by ensuring that patient information is securely stored and managed.

Crafted to Optimize Patient Care Across the Hearing Care Journey

Auditdata Manage is designed for the audiology industry and enables hearing care professionals to streamline administrative tasks and standardize patient care. Keep secure records of your patients, implement paperless protocols, ensure consistent data, and use insights gathered from across the hearing care journey to deliver the best care experience.

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Manage E-learning

Welcome to Our E-Learning Course on Patient Management in the Manage Software

We are delighted to present this comprehensive e-learning course aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of the features and functionalities of Patient Management within the Manage software. 

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All-In-One Practice Management Software for Hearing Clinics

Guided Activity Workflows

Streamline clinical operations with one-click access and standardized workflows, delivering consistent, high-quality care to your patients every time.

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Appointment Scheduling

Advanced resource scheduling capabilities optimize your resources, reduce no-shows and lost revenue, and make data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes.

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Patient Management

Fast and efficient patient management system streamlines administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on providing the best care possible to your patients.

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Patient Engagement and Notifications

Utilize our notification feature to create appointment reminders, recalls, and follow-ups, increasing show-up rates and ensuring patients are reminded of important events.

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Enhance lead management, boost patient conversions, and enhance engagement with our intuitive lead screen and open API capabilities that enable you to integrate with your existing marketing systems.

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Clinical Activities and Data

Noah integration delivers valuable insights to drive informed business decisions and provides care and access measurement and fitting software online or offline.

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Optimize your billing and invoicing process, and reduce the time required to generate invoices, making it easier to track billing information. 

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Inventory, Stock and Repair Management

Easily manage inventory and stock with a comprehensive system including product catalog, supplier management, battery and service management, and more.

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Documentation and Audit Trail

Auditdata’s software includes an audit trail, ensuring full accountability and transparency around all changes made to your clinic’s records. 

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Security & Configuration

Our software is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and we are ISO certified, adhere to the highest global safety standards, and offer superior security features.

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Auditdata Manage's integrations with best-in-class systems and there is an Open API that allows for easy sharing of information, streamlined workflows, and improved quality of care in audiology.

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Our audiology patient management software offers a variety of reporting templates tailored to the key business aspects of retail hearing care.

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