Easily Schedule Appointments and Avoid Missed Opportunities

With a clear, concise view of scheduled appointments, including patient information and appointment type, your staff can stay organized, boost productivity, and provide the best possible patient care. Advanced provider allocation intelligently and automatically schedules appointments, reducing wait times and improving the efficiency of the appointment scheduling process.

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Appointment Scheduling Features
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Appointment Overview

Keep Track of All Your Clinic's Appointments in One Comprehensive Overview

Appointment overview provides a clear, concise view of scheduled appointments, including date, time, type of appointment, and patient information. This feature, which can be viewed by day, week, or month, helps audiologists stay organized and manage their appointments, ensuring they are always prepared to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Appointment Reminders

Ensure Patients Never Miss an Appointment with Automated Reminder Notifications

Use appointment reminders and notifications to remind patients of upcoming appointments. These automated reminders can be set in advance, so staff don’t have to remember to manually send them out, and customized to meet individual preferences, such as receiving reminders via email, text message, or push notification. This feature helps avoid patient no-shows and related lost revenue and wasted time.

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Recurring Appointments

Manage Repeating Appointments with Ease for a More Organized Clinic

Recurring appointments allow staff to schedule appointments that repeat at regular intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. This feature is useful for appointments that happen repeatedly, such as regular staff meetings. Save time by scheduling repeat appointments in bulk rather than scheduling each appointment individually.

Advanced Provider Allocation

Allocate Appointments to the Right Provider for a Seamless Experience

Advanced provider allocation allows for intelligent, automated appointment scheduling based on clinicians’ availability. This feature considers factors, such as appointment duration and priority, to allocate appointments in the most efficient, effective way possible. This results in a more streamlined appointment scheduling process and reduced wait times for patients.

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In this free guide, we'll walk you through five essential steps to optimize your clinic's resources and maximize revenue. By implementing a scheduling strategy that emphasizes resource optimization, you'll be able to improve staff efficiency, reduce waiting times, and boost your bottom line. Download the guide now and start unlocking your clinic's full potential.

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Resource Management

Efficiently Manage Clinic Resources for Optimal Utilization

Resource Management allows clinics to efficiently manage and schedule resources such as rooms, equipment, and staff. Staff can view resource availability and schedule resources in advance to optimize resource utilization and minimize waste. This results in more efficient, cost-effective clinic operations. Additionally, this feature provides a centralized, organized view of resource scheduling, making it easier for staff to coordinate and plan ahead. It is especially useful for hearing clinics with limited resources and high scheduling demand.

Smart Blocking

Optimize Your Hearing Clinic's Schedule with Smart Blocking

Smart blocking in our appointment scheduler is a game-changer for hearing clinics. With our innovative technology, you can optimize your scheduling process by automatically blocking off time for appointments that require specialized equipment or personnel. This ensures that you have the right resources available for each appointment, maximizing your efficiency and minimizing wasted time. By streamlining your scheduling process with smart blocking, you can enhance the patient experience, improve staff productivity, and ultimately grow your clinic's reputation and bottom line.

Smart Blocking

Specialist Allocation Rostering

Boost Productivity and Quality of Care with Specialist Allocation Rostering

Specialist Allocation Rostering enables administrators to assign hearing specialists to appointments based on availability, qualifications, and expertise. This feature streamlines the scheduling process, allowing clinic staff to view the availability of specialists and choose the appropriate one for each patient, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. Additionally, clinics can manage staffing levels more efficiently, reducing wait times for patients and ensuring smooth and efficient operation. 

Specialist Allocation Rostering

Check-in Management

Streamline the Check-In Process for a Smoother Patient Experience

Check-In Management streamlines the check-in process, providing a quick, efficient way for patients to check in for appointments. This reduces wait times and improves the patient experience. The feature allows patients to check in using their mobile device or a check-in kiosk, providing real-time updates to the appointment schedule. Additionally, this feature captures important patient information, such as contact details and insurance information, helping hearing clinics keep accurate records, reduce administrative workload, and improve operational efficiency.

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