Okatree And Auditdata Partnership 2024


Auditdata & Oaktree Products Expand U.S. Partnership

Auditdata is thrilled to announce the expansion of its U.S. partnership with Oaktree Products, a leading provider of clinical supplies to the hearing care industry. This partnership now features the revolutionary SWAP calibration service, where Oaktree will manage the calibration of all Auditdata equipment in the U.S., ensuring enhanced service quality and minimizing downtime for American clients.

Audiometers, like other medical equipment, require regular maintenance, including calibration to ensure accurate performance. Regular calibration – at least annually – is essential to meet industry standards and manufacturer guidelines. In some countries, it’s even mandated by law,” said Kurt Bager, CEO of Auditdata. “Proper calibration ensures test accuracy, exceptional customer care, and reduced risks. Conversely, poorly maintained equipment can lead to inaccurate measurements and significant legal and financial consequences for hearing clinics. Auditdata does things differently.” 

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"We understand the importance of proper equipment calibration as well as having stable, uninterrupted clinic operations. Therefore, we support our hearing clinic customers with our Auditdata SWAP service, which is now available in the U.S. through Oaktree Products. This means that calibrated transducers are shipped to your hearing clinics well in advance of the due date of the old ones. You plug in the new transducers, and you’re ready for your next patient without any interruption. Then, box your old equipment and return the expired transducers through the mail with no downtime at all. It’s truly that simple."

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Calibration With Oaktree

Oaktree, a large and highly-respected organization with extensive reach in America, has partnered with Auditdata for years, reselling Auditdata’s Measure to their large roster of customers. 

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Auditdata to include their innovative SWAP calibration service, eliminating downtime for U.S. hearing clinics. This complements our longstanding relationship of reselling Auditdata’s Measure solution,” said David Kemp, Director of Business Development of Oaktree. “As a family-owned business, we prioritize extraordinary customer service for our 10,000+ customers. Now, we’re offering more of Auditdata’s integrated solutions, helping hearing clinics improve performance, provide outstanding care, prequalify leads, and maintain equipment with no downtime. We see immense value in Auditdata’s solutions and are delighted to expand our partnership in the U.S.”  


"We’re confident that American audiology businesses will benefit greatly from Auditdata’s best-in-class solutions, and the game-changing SWAP calibration service."

David Kemp

Director of Business Development

About Oaktree Products

Oaktree Products is the leading multi-line distributor of clinical products and supplies to the hearing care industry. Established in 1992, Oaktree is a family-owned and operated business located in the heart of the United States that offers more than 6,000 products that are tailored specifically for the hearing healthcare professional. Oaktree’s mission is to provide its customers with the highest level of customer service and support in order to ensure that every customer receives the best Oaktree experience possible.

About Auditdata 

Auditdata enables hearing care professionals, clinics, and hospitals to dispense the best care for their patients through data-driven software, hardware, and services that improve operational efficiency and enrich the patient-provider relationship.  

Since 1992, Auditdata has connected the customer journey and provided professionals with the tools and insights needed to enhance treatment at every touchpoint. Whether elevating accuracy in clinical testing or empowering better conversations with patients—Auditdata solutions enable the knowledge and compassion that make the difference across the pre-clinic, in-clinic, and aftercare journey. 

More than 430 million people deal with hearing impairment, yet only 20% of affected individuals wear hearing aids. Auditdata aims to close the gap of untreated hearing disabilities by working closely together with hearing care professionals worldwide to improve the care experience for everyone facing hearing impairment—from early detection to aftercare. 

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