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Hearing loss can happen gradually over a period of time or quite suddenly. Untreated hearing loss does change a person’s world and there is a ripple effect from the resulting deafness. Few people understand hearing loss and its impact. While the person with hearing loss is living with those effects, they don’t understand the underlying causes or why they are having the problems that they have. An understanding of hearing loss and its impact is imperative for both the client and their relatives. Our counselling tools will help you explain it.

Clear visuals, easy demonstration

Our counselling module within the Primus software allow you to demonstrate and deliver a straightforward explanation of the hearing loss and the effects it has for your client.

The module provides both audio and visual aids that will simplify the description and allow your client and their relative to understand the impact of the hearing loss fully.

Easy Demonstration@2X 100

Let them see & hear the hearing loss

We designed a hearing loss simulator to offer you the ability to do just that. The hearing loss simulator delivers both a visual and audio representation of the hearing loss. This tool enables you to explain what a hearing loss is and clearly demonstrate how it is affecting your patient’s ability to hear speech and other sounds.

Hear Loss Simulator@2X 100

Help them understand the solution

The main avenue for treatment of sensorineural hearing loss is hearing aids. When the client and their relative understand the effect of untreated hearing loss, you need to be able to explain the solution just as clearly. We have designed a master hearing aid tool that offers both a visual and audio representation of a hearing aid solution. It will enable both the client and their relative to understand what a hearing aid will deliver and how it will treat the effects of hearing loss.


Master Hearing Aid@2X 100

Building blocks to power your clinical performance

Whether you're doing testing and fitting at your clinic or on the move, you need flexible and connected solutions that make clinical data available to other systems. With seamless integration to Noah and a modular architecture, Auditdata Measure makes it possible to add the specific modules you need, e.g. video otoscopy, REM, speech mapping or others.

Audiological equipment overview

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