Beltone Selects Auditdata as a Preferred Vendor of Measure Audiological Equipment in U.S.

Copenhagen, Denmark, June 3, 2024 – Auditdata, a global innovator in solutions for hearing healthcare, and Beltone, an organization with more than 1,500 Hearing Care Centers across America, have announced that Beltone has selected Auditdata as a preferred vendor of the Measure solution, a portfolio of audiological equipment.

Measure, which is powered by advanced software, allows hearing clinics to manage and optimize clinical workflows based on data-driven insights. The innovative suite of equipment includes audiometers that deliver all the testing protocols to drive clinical quality and provide the best care experiences for every patient. 

Beltone’s training team said they’ve been completely impressed by how simple it is to use the Measure software and set up the hardware. They’re also enjoying Measure’s tremendous benefits, including the workflows and nudging functionalities, and that it’s PC-based, with secure cloud data storage and cloud analytics. They’ve raved about the central definitions and roll-out, the easy calibration with zero downtime, and that even the aesthetics are fantastic! 

"We’re celebrating Beltone’s decision to choose Auditdata as a preferred vendor of the Measure solution in the United States. Hearing clinics around the world are experiencing Measure’s numerous and significant benefits. For instance, Measure’s clinical workflows add tremendous value, automatically outlining the timing and sequence for hearing examinations. This dramatically improves patient outcomes, quality and consistency of care, and resource optimization, among other important metrics."

Kurt Bager

Kurt Bager

Chief Executive Officer

"Following this workflow guides clinicians along a pre-determined path, and if they forget a step in the process, Measure will automatically ‘nudge’ them to get back on track. This way, nothing gets forgotten, allowing the provider to focus on the patient in front of them, and not have to worry about what comes next in the exam.” 

Another huge benefit is our Auditdata SWAP service, which allows hearing clinics to get their audiometers calibrated with absolutely no downtime whatsoever,” Bager continued. “At Auditdata, we understand the importance of proper equipment calibration as well as having stable, uninterrupted clinic operations. Therefore, we ship calibrated transducers to our customers’ hearing clinics, and then they ship their old ones back to us. There’s no disruption, downtime, or hassle, and they can continue seeing their customers uninterrupted, which they truly appreciate.”  

The Beltone Training team has conducted in-depth testing, approval, and validation of the Measure solution, and have been very enthusiastic about it. They’ve also developed and recommended Beltone-specific workflows and protocols, which will be embedded into Auditdata’s Measure solution and used throughout the organization’s network.

Auditdata is conducting Beltone’s Measure onboarding, using Auditdata’s robust online training materials, including e-Learning materials. Beltone is confident that their team will be well-prepared to use Auditdata’s innovative Measure solution, and they’re extremely excited about the opportunities ahead. 

About Auditdata 

Auditdata enables hearing care professionals, clinics, and hospitals to dispense the best care for their patients through data-driven software, hardware, and services that improve operational efficiency and enrich the patient-provider relationship.  

Since 1992, Auditdata has connected the customer journey and provided professionals with the tools and insights needed to enhance treatment at every touchpoint. Whether elevating accuracy in clinical testing or empowering better conversations with patients, Auditdata solutions enable the knowledge and compassion that make the difference across the pre-clinic, in-clinic, and aftercare journey. 

More than 430 million people deal with hearing impairment, yet only 20% of affected individuals wear hearing aids. Auditdata aims to close the gap of untreated hearing disabilities by working closely together with hearing care professionals worldwide to improve the care experience for everyone facing hearing impairment—from early detection to aftercare. 

Auditdata Measure

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Hearing Assessments and Hearing Aid Fittings

With Auditdata Measure, hearing care professionals and patients can trust their results and make qualified decisions in their patients’ hearing care journeys. Stable and secure software and hardware give confidence in clinical quality, so they can deliver care back to patients.

Measure - Diagnostic Audiometer & Fitting Unit

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