Equipment Features

Professional counselling software

No one understands hearing loss like you. Our counselling tools will help you explain it

Outside of the audiology community, few people understand hearing loss and its effects on the person who suffers from it. While the person with hearing loss is living with those effects, they don’t understand the underlying causes or why they are having the problems that they are. An understanding of hearing loss and its impact is imperative for both the patient and the people that support them.

Because without better knowledge, there may not be a commitment to deal with the problem. Our counselling modules will allow you to explain the issues clearly and demonstrate with both visuals and audio where the problem lies and the effects it has.

Clear visuals, easy demonstration

We have designed a counselling module within the Primus solution that will allow you to deliver a straightforward explanation of the hearing loss of your patient. The module provides both audio and visual aids that will both simplify the description and allow both your patient and the support to understand the impact of the hearing loss fully. Visual aids assist the explanation, and audio aids enable both patients and their support to easier understand the effect.

Let them see & hear the hearing loss

We believe that the impact of hearing loss is best understood when both the patient and the support can see and hear the hearing loss. We designed the hearing loss simulator to offer you the ability to do just that. The hearing loss simulator delivers both a visual and audio representation of the hearing loss.

The audio element produced by the hearing loss simulator offers a clear audio demonstration of the hearing loss and its effects on the understanding of speech. This tool will allow you to explain what the hearing loss is and demonstrate how it is affecting your patient’s ability to hear. The audio segment enables the patient’s support to understand what effect the hearing loss has on the understanding of speech.

Let them understand the solution

When the patient and their support understand the problem, you need to be able to explain the solution just as clearly. We have designed a master hearing aid tool that will allow you to do just that. The Master Hearing Aid offers both a visual and audio representation of a hearing aid solution. It will enable both the support and the patient to understand what a hearing aid will deliver and how it will treat the effects of hearing loss.

Reinforcing the need, encouraging commitment

The commitment to treatment and compliance with hearing aids can only be encouraged when people understand clearly the issues at hand. We believe that our counselling module will allow you to explain and demonstrate those issues with ease. It enables the understanding of the problem and its real-world impact.

We believe that it supports both a moment of realisation; and a reinforcement of the need for a solution. Therefore, encouraging commitment and hearing aid use compliance.

Real Ear Measurement (REM)

Looking to increase patient satisfaction & reduce follow-ups? We have the solution for you

You can reduce follow-ups and cancellations with a simple to use process that isn’t time-consuming. If you are interested in optimising your patient’s satisfaction and reducing time spent on follow up appointments, we recommend that you carry out Real Ear Measurement (REM) as part of your fitting process.

Improve audibility & patient experience

Real Ear Measurements affect your patient’s experience positively due to improved audibility and increased satisfaction with the overall fitting experience. With the Primus REM module, binaural REMs will save both you and your clients time.

Classic REM in optimised views

The Primus interface makes it easy for you to work seamlessly with various audiology tasks. Primus software supports all the functions needed when performing real ear measurements, allowing you to optimise your workflow.

You can easily toggle between the sound pressure level (SPL) and Gain when you perform the classic measurements: Unaided, Occluded, Aided Response and Insertion Gain.

Primus Fitting Unit supports the newest NAL and DSL targets and uses an extensive sound library as well as high-frequency testing.

A Portable Solution

If you need to perform diagnostic tests or fit hearing instrument outside the clinic, bring the Primus Fitting Unit along. All your historical client data will follow. You only need to bring the power supply and a USB cord.

Primus Ice in hand

Speech Mapping

Looking for a tool that will help you achieve higher patient satisfaction & reduce follow up visits? Well then we have a solution for you

Speech mapping allows you to quickly and easily validate the fitting of a hearing aid. You achieve higher patient satisfaction and save time by reducing follow-up visits. Not just that, speech mapping allows your patients to see how hearing aids work to improve their hearing in an easy to understand visual manner.

Improve audibility & patient experience

Real Ear Measurements affect your patient’s experience positively due to improved audibility and increased satisfaction with the overall fitting experience. With the Primus REM module, binaural REMs will save both you and your clients time.

Why speech mapping?

Patients worry about hearing speech, not arbitrary sounds. Formulas, prescriptions  and predictions are not tangible for them. Speech mapping is an easy way of measuring the hearing instrument performance in the ear using real speech.

With speech mapping you can precisely place the speech signal into the individual patient’s preferred listening area. The use of familiar sounds in combination with probe microphones has proven exceptionally efficient in getting the most accurate personal fit and verification.

Helping your patients understand the benefits

The visual nature of speech mapping allows your patients to understand the benefits of their hearing instrument better with intuitive, easy to understand graphics. It shows them that their hearing instruments are delivering what they need. Empowering your patients with a clear visual sense of their hearing loss and the aided benefits as they relate to actual speech.

Enhance your fitting with Primus speech mapping

If you use Primus Fitting System and REM, adding on speech mapping could be the extra feature that will save you returns and re-fittings.

Speech mapping will also enable you to better fit the hearing aid to the patient’s personal preferences, thus increasing the quality of life of the hearing-impaired patient.

Offering you three quick wins

Use speech mapping as a fitting tool

You do not need to spend much extra time getting the best fit of the hearing instrument. When using speech mapping during a fitting session, you simply match the hearing aid to a prescriptive target. Increase accuracy by placing speech within the patient’s residual dynamic range and evaluate the audibility of adaptive algorithms.

Use speech mapping as a counselling tool

When you illustrate the dynamics of the hearing loss and the benefits of both the hearing aid and the adjustments to patients and relatives, they will find it easier to engage in your counselling and value your demonstrated expertise.

Use speech mapping as a verification tool

You are more likely to avoid re-fitting sessions if you use live sounds such as speech to verify the hearing instrument fit. The extra effort saves both you and your patients precious time.

Primus Fitting System

Our pc-based Primus Fitting System offers great flexibility and scalability. Take full advantage of the all-in-one solution and enjoy the ease of use of real ear measurement and speech mapping modules.

Primus Pro - REM

Hearing instrument testing

For testing and troubleshooting hearing instruments, you need a modern Hearing Instrument Test (HIT) unit that performs in line with all the approved standards.

Excellent acoustic chamber

Accurate acoustics is essential when troubleshooting or testing hearing instruments, so you need to choose a HIT unit with proven accuracy and the minimum of distortion. The Primus HIT (link to primus hit page) unit is a fully featured robust unit with a large test chamber.

All of that, and it is still a portable solution if you need to go mobile.

Easy hearing aid testing and troubleshooting with the PC-based Primus Hit Pro unit

Automated test sequences
You can use automatic sequences or control the test steps as you go along, it’s your choice. The Primus HIT unit will support your way of working.

Test standards you can rely on
The Primus HIT unit will hold all of your historical session information, so you can make fittings away from the office if you need to. The system adheres to industry standards IEC and ANSI and is fully Noah compatible.

Flexibility in operations
The Primus HIT unit will work independently or you can hook it up to the Primus Fitting System for optimal results.

Primus Business Analytics

Would you like a deeper understanding of your KPIs with a range of added benefits?

If so, Primus Business Analytics is the solution you need.

Primus Business Analytics offers enormous benefits to any audiology business from a small chain to a multi-national global business.

  • Do you want a real understanding of how your processes are affecting your bottom line?
  • Have you ever wondered how you could streamline work processes in your hearing care business for improved quality and competitiveness?
  • Are you required to document compliance with defined protocols and quality standards?
  • Do you need a simple and automated system to keep track of calibration dates and equipment location across your hearing care practices?

Delivering the insight you need for continuous business improvement

Hard data is the foundation of all good commercial business decisions. At Auditdata, we understand this implicitly, and the concept has been shaping our innovation for many years. The recent introduction of Primus Business Analytics is a step forward in ensuring that you have a complete data visualisation of your business and work processes.

For the first time, you will have a complete overview of your processes and how they affect your commercial success. A comprehensive overview that will allow you to make valid commercial business decisions based on hard facts.

Combining your patient management system data (such as from our own Strato (link), or Sycle) with business analytics provides a wealth of information to support both the best possible customer journey and the optimisation of your conversion rates. It offers hard data on best practice protocols and the real effect they have on your KPIs.

Primus Business Analytics provides a detailed insight into your audiology and fitting processes

With Primus Business Analytics, valuable process data is collected automatically from the daily operations in your hearing care clinics. That process data provides added insight and a deeper layer of understanding.

In addition to the detailed process information, Primus Business Analytics keeps track of transducer calibration due dates, as well as presenting the status and whereabouts of your Primus equipment and transducers.

A competitive edge from improved process insight

The detailed process data collected from your Primus systems enables the monitoring and documentation of compliance with company work protocols and any relevant legislation. The data will improve efficiency, provide valuable input for the identification of best practices, help you to define training activities and streamlining of the work processes across your business, giving you a competitive edge.

Simply plug’n’play

Simple and easy adoption, we guarantee it. Using the Primus Fitting System offers many advantages.

One of the advantages is an easy and fast start-up. All you need to do to set up the system is to plug the unit into your PC via a USB cable and connect a power cable. That’s it! No support calls, no hanging on the line listening to inane hold music, just plug it in and go.

Learn more about the Primus fitting solution – link to primus page

Adopting new equipment, the easy way

For an easy guide to setting up either the Primus Fitting Unit or the Primus HIT Unit, see the two video guides below.

Setting up the Primus Fitting Unit

Setting up the Primus HIT Unit

No Calibration downtime

Are you tired of the problems with calibration? Our solution will make you happy.

Calibration is a constant irritation, either you sit idle, while they calibrate your system, or you buy a back-up audiometer. What if there was an easier way, a way where you didn’t worry about downtime? Well, there is, our patented calibration in the plug system means that you will never have to worry about calibration downtime again and you can invest your money on something else than a backup audiometer.

Calibration stored in the transducer plug

Our innovative system stores the calibration information in the headset plug. Which means all you have to do to get your system calibrated is to plug in a new set of earphones or probes, no hassle, no downtime. You also free yourself from having to build in redundancy or schedule timely calibration visits.

Really, no downtime at all!

The magic lies in the simplicity. You receive new transducers well in advance of the due date of the old ones. You plug in the new transducers, and you are ready for your next client without any disruption. You then send back the old transducers for calibration and experience no downtime at all.

Are you looking for a portable audiometer solution? We can help you with that.

If you need to undertake home visits, you want your equipment to be easy to set up, carry, and pack. Not just that, you want it without creating extra work synchronising data when you are back in the office.

Choosing an audiometer and fitting system that will easily fit in your bag gives you the ultimate versatility, just in case you ever need to bring it with you.

Get ahead with portable audiometers

You are not limited to one single location with any of Auditdata’s audiometers. Even our largest Primus Pro audiometer and fitting unit weighs less than 500 g not counting the lid. While you can mount the Primus Pro on a wall or table, it is designed to easily slide off, if you need to take it with you.

Read all about our Primus fitting solution here

If you prefer classic stand-alone audiometers, our Entomed audiometers will easily fit in a regular bag so that you can travel anywhere with your audiometers.

For ultimate freedom of movement, the most lightweight version is the OTOPod, which weighs only 162 g. It cannot get more portable than that.

Seamless synchronisation of data

If you need to perform diagnostic tests or fit hearing instrument outside the clinic, bring the Primus fitting unit along. All your historical client data will follow. You only need to bring the power supply and a USB cord. Our other audiometers also support data transfers. However, they differ from the fully integrated Primus solution.

You can rest assured that your Auditdata equipment is fully compatible with Noah

Seamless Noah integration

For the most seamless experience when working with measurement data, we recommend our Primus solution. The Primus software operates within the Noah framework, as well as stand-alone. It offers a completely integrated experience with lightning fast responses.

We believe it is the fastest integrated system available allowing you to open and switch between modules rapidly and without fuss.

What is Noah?

Noah is a software product that allows hearing health care professionals to combine measurement and fitting modules from many different suppliers into one integrated system.

Why is Noah important?

Today, Noah is used by a majority of audiologists and dispensers around the world. For any audiologist or dispenser considering new equipment for their clinic, Noah-compatibility is an important feature because it allows integration of data as well as storage of complete client records, hearing tests, measurements and fittings.

Noah compliance is of equal importance when considering a new clinic management system.

Buy Noah

As Noah is a corner stone in the foundation of all our products, we strongly recommend you to have and use a valid Noah license. If you need a new license, let us know, and we can help you.

PC-based and future proof

Looking for a future-proof, PC based system that delivers what you want and only what you want?

Our Primus system is a PC based modular testing and fitting solution that is plug and play, offers extreme reliability, continuous upgrades, calibration without downtime and finally, a menu of testing and fitting modules from which you can choose. On top of all of that, it is lightweight and entirely mobile if need be.

Plug and play

Because Primus is PC based, it offers quick start-up, it is as simple as plugging the unit into your PC via a USB cable, connect your power cable, and you are ready to go. It really is as simple as that.

PC based means little to go wrong

Because our system is PC based, there is very little to go wrong; our hardware is simple with few parts that can fail. Unless you feed it coffee, it will be good.

A future-proof solution that is always up to date

Since 1992 Auditdata has been working to meet the needs of both public and private audiology. We work closely with our many customers to ensure that our products meet their changing and evolving needs. In that time, we have introduced state of the art testing and fitting solutions and entirely new concepts in business analytics.

The needs of audiology practices continuously evolve and so do the demands on testing and fitting equipment. Your testing and fitting equipment needs to be able to keep up with the changes.

That is why a PC based system like Primus is the best choice for future proofing your practice. Software upgrades to our system come without charge or hassle. All you have to do is click a button to go online and download the latest features.

Software-based and regularly updated

Our software-based system gives us the agility to meet your changing requirements. It allows us to provide regular updates to improve performance and your user experience. Continued improvements and new concepts in data analysis, mean our state of the art system is at the cutting edge today and will continue to be tomorrow.

Screen shot from Primus software

REMs, speech mapping and more

During our evolution, we have introduced real ear measurements, speech mapping and so much more to our premium testing and fitting solution Primus . Our other product offerings have been increased to ensure that we offer a solution for your needs no matter what they are.

We continuously strive to improve the user experience and provide the testing and fitting processes you need to offer best practice patient care.

Calibration without downtime

Our PC based system allows us to store the calibration information in the headset plug, you free yourself from having to build in redundancy or schedule calibration visits. All you have to do to get your system calibrated is to plug in a new set of earphones or probes.

Evolving with you

We continually assess how we can deliver equipment, features and upgrades that enable our customers to do their jobs with ease. That means that our Primus system and other equipment offerings will continue to evolve with your changing needs. We guarantee it.

One piece of hardware – one simplified interface

We decided that our Primus system should offer all the testing and fitting processes that you need in one simple integrated tool. We brought that concept beyond the hardware delivering a simplified interface that provides real power with ease.

We design our user interface with modern software appearances in mind, so it offers a familiar interface and is intuitive to use. Your workflow appears in a simple left-handed menu that allows you to work through the processes logically.

Custom Workflows to Suit Your Needs

We also offer the ability to customise your workflows across different visit types so that only the processes that are important to you are visible. That customisation means that you can design workflows that suit each visit ensuring that you quickly and efficiently deliver the procedures you need without distraction.

Custom Workflows Across Your Organisation

You can then apply those workflows across your organisation, ensuring that everyone is undertaking the same processes in the same manner. Simplified, integrated and easy to use, all without sacrificing clinical care.

Easy Workflows, Happier Clinicians, Happier Patients

When the workflow is logical and simplified, the consultation flows. Delivering an in-depth testing and fitting protocol with ease leads to happier clinicians and happier patients.

navigation flow

Modular features, outstanding user experience

A new standard in fitting
Primus is a PC based audiometer with innovative modular features which will help you streamline your consultation process and deliver the highest level patient experience. We design our solutions in collaboration with our customers and continually update it to meet their specific needs. Primus is a lifetime measuring and fitting solution, meeting your needs today and tomorrow.

Read more about our fitting solutions or visit our equipment section for a full list of professional audiometers.

Looking for a clinic management system?

Auditdata has the most powerful yet easy clinical management system available for hospitals   with audiology clinics. We have been working with hospital audiology since 1992 and our clinic management system is the de facto standard across many countries.

We take pride in supplying the best software to run the most successful hospital hearing aid clinics.

All you need to know. You are in safe hands.
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