Extra modules

Check In2

Auditbase Check-in

With Auditbase Check-in, patients simply register on a touch screen upon arrival, reducing registration times with no need for administration staff to be involved.

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Friendly Sms

Friendly SMS reminders

SMS text reminders are a simple way to save valuable clinic time lost to patient no-shows.

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Docs Attachm

Documents and attachments

Share your clinical results and correspondence with other hospital departments

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Elect Submission

Electronic document submission

Share your clinical results and correspondence with other hospital departments

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Graph Speech

Graphical speech

Show your speech measurement results in an extended graphical form with intelligent normative curve feature.

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Location Handle

Location handling

To simplify and speed up navigation in the system, set up user-defined elements, such as appointment symbols or stock types, as belonging to a specific location with Location and Department filtering.

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Laptop Synchr

Laptop synchronisation

Synchronise laptops with office PCs, so you can take Auditbase on the road with a user friendly, efficient workflow.

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Repair Module

Repair module

The Repair module provides you with a clear overview of repair tasks. You can see the status of each task, search for tasks and create new tasks. Optional: An extended version for internal repairs.

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Task List

Task list module

Simplify and speed up your routines with the Auditbase Task list – assign tasks electronically, group them under labels and attach default text descriptions to tasks for easy handling.

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Standard modules

Our system is completely modular, meaning that each clinic can choose the modules that they need. We also offer advanced features such as vestibular measurements and tympanometry data with a display of reflexes, tracking of lost referrals and journals, advanced statistics, marking of recycled hearing instruments, and much more.

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