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Public audiology clinics are under increasing pressure, increased workloads, the demands of reducing waiting lists and tightening health budgets all conspire to increase the stress. Our clinic management solution will help you to optimise your workflows, reduce your wait times and all without compromising your clinical care.

Helping you manage your audiology clinic

One of the critical problems in every Public Health system is waiting lists. The focus is on managing and reducing them. Modern Public Audiology Clinics are time-short, coping with an increased workload and tight funding.

You need a solution that allows you to manage your workflow and helps you to move patients through the system faster without compromising clinical standards. We offer a comprehensive, tailor-made clinic management system which allows you to do that and more.


The Industry Standard

We are the preferred hospital clinic management system. More than 80% of the Public Audiology Clinics in Northern Europe and the UK have adopted Auditbase, and it is the industry standard for clinical management in Public Audiology.

Tailored for Audiology

We have collaborated closely with our customers since 1992 to ensure that our system meets their ongoing needs. This dedication to continuing collaboration and development has allowed us to build the complete solution specifically tailored for the needs of a fast-moving Public Audiology Clinic.

Advanced Systems Integrations

We design our system with advanced systems integration in mind. We use industry standards to ensure that you can undertake the seamless integration of Auditbase to existing hospital systems with ease. We have built on our continuing integration projects to deliver a clear roadmap for IT departments.


Facilitating ENT

ENT and Audiology are closely linked. However, they are still two very different areas. Patients are often sent from one department to another, which means there is a need for the client data to be transferred. Our solution allows ENT to view and print client data from Auditbase giving you a complete overview of the patient’s treatment journey.

Serving the needs of CI & Otology

When users first came to us with wishes for specialist Implant and Otology features, we decided that no one would be better at helping us design these modules than the actual users. So we teamed up with experts in Cochlear Implant surgery and Otology surgery from the UK and Scandinavia and got them to help us to deliver two expert modules that can handle all the specialist data required for surgeons within Cochlear Implants and Otology.

Auditbase serving meeds CI otology

Modular flexibility and advanced features

Our system is completely modular, meaning that each clinic can choose the modules that they need. We also offer advanced features such as vestibular measurements and tympanometry data with a display of reflexes, tracking of lost referrals and journals, advanced statistics, marking of recycled hearing instruments, and much more.

Serving both Audiology & ENT departments

Optional modules such as graphical Speech Audiometry, the AuditBase Viewer application (specifically for ENT departments), an Auditory Implant module, and an Otology Surgery module are also available.


Everything you need

With advanced clinic management, seamless Noah integration and easy integration into standard hospital systems, Auditbase is everything you need to optimise both your clinic and your patient flow.

Customised flexibility

With full modular flexibility, Auditbase offers complete freedom to you to optimise the system to meet your specific clinic needs.

Customised workflows

Our workflow customisation feature ensures that our system facilitates your processes rather than hinders them.

audiologist with patient and management software on screen

Centralised data, complete freedom of movement

We have built our system with a central database which stores all client records, journals, and other administrative information in one place. Authorised personnel can access the documents from any AuditBase network workstation which allows complete freedom of movement combined with industry-leading security.

database doctor journals

Equipment that facilitates your workflow

Besides providing the Industry Standard in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals, Auditdata also offers fully modular PC based clinical audiometers and hearing aid fitting systems that provide the possibility of no calibration downtime. Our patented calibration in the plug system means that yearly calibration is a simple as swapping the transducers.

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