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11 Tips To Find, Recruit And Hire The Most Amazing Audiologists

If your hearing clinic is looking to hire a new audiologist, you will likely face increased competition since audiologists are so highly in demand. So, how do you set your practice apart from the others and find the perfect fit for your clinic? This blog outlines 11 foolproof tips to attract, recruit, and hire the most amazing audiologists.

A shortage of audiologists – combined with an increased need for hearing care – has led to increased waiting times for hearing exams around the world. In the United Kingdom alone, the proportion of audiologists to consumers is shockingly small: just one audiologist per 16,805 people.

The good news is that the number of employed audiologists is projected to grow 10% between 2021 to 2031, which is faster than the average for all occupations. 

1. Create Compelling Job Descriptions

Compelling Job Ads

Writing an attention-grabbing, thorough job description is one of the most essential parts of the recruiting and hiring process.  Create a description that’s as interesting, compelling, and enticing as possible. Discuss the role and responsibilities, as well as the company culture. Spotlight growth opportunities, financial incentives, appealing benefits, and other perks that will inspire candidates to apply and commit. Highlight your differentiators (e.g., state-of-the-art equipment, central location, fast-paced environment, staff that feels like family, loyal customers, etc.) Keep in mind that 72% of job seekers say it’s important to see details about an organization’s culture before applying for a position there, so be sure to showcase what makes your clinic extraordinary.

2. Promote Your Job Opening


People won’t apply for the job if they don’t know about it, so promote it far and wide! Post the job description/opening on your local industry websites, such as the Hearing Review, Hearing Health & Technology Matters, American Academy of Audiology, or the British Academy of Audiology. Share it on your clinic’s website and social media platforms, and tap your networks to see if anyone knows a talented audiologist that would be a great fit. Social media is a great recruiting tool and can help you “cast a wider net” to find qualified candidates. When you share the job posting on your social platforms, encourage your followers (and their followers) to share it, as well. Plus, share photos and videos of your clinic and team to give potential applicants a better sense of your organization and culture.

3. Spotlight Your Hearing Clinic’s Brand

Hearing Clinic Brand

To attract the best, brightest, most compassionate and experienced audiologists, show what makes your clinic special. Candidates need to understand why they should choose your clinic vs. your competitors’, such as your innovative technology, friendly atmosphere, exceptional products, inclusive culture, etc. In fact, companies that invest in proper branding are three times more likely to hire the right talent

Branding goes beyond reaching potential customers. It’s essential to recruit audiologists and other staff, as well. Your clinic’s branding should reflect your mission, culture, and values, and demonstrate why your clinic is exceptional, how you offer customer-focused care featuring groundbreaking tech solutions, how you support a diverse workforce, and why your current employees love working there, and so forth. Showcase your brand through content on your website, social media posts, presence at community events, etc.

4. Implement An Employee Referral Program

Recruiting Referral

Great people attract other great people. Empower your employees to share the job opening and job description with people they know and encourage them to refer the best talent in their network. Consider providing financial incentives for referrals to create excitement and drive participation.

5. Offer Competitive Pay And Benefits

Employee Benefits

You could have a terrific company culture and the most incredible employees, but if you’re not offering a competitive salary, you’ll have a hard time getting candidates to commit to your clinic. Research the standard pay range for qualified audiologists in your area. For instance, one reliable source lists the average salary for an audiologist in the US to be $77,533 per year, and reports that salaries for this role can range from $30,000 – $145,000 annually.

Consider the candidates’ background, and offer higher salaries to more seasoned, experienced audiologists. Investigate the salaries in your geographical area, knowing that jobs in big cities often pay more than those in rural practices. Also, don’t discount the importance of appealing benefits, including health insurance, vacation time, paid parental leave, mental health support, etc. Consider whether flexible hours would work for your clinic. For instance, if your audiologist is willing to work late a few evenings per week, could they have a later start to their workday? If an audiologist works a Saturday shift, could they have a day off mid-week?

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6. Be Selective

Stay Positive Auditdata

Even if you’re desperate to bring in a new audiologist, be selective and look at multiple candidates before you hire someone. The U.S. Department of Labor says a bad hire can cost your business 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. Some human resources agencies estimate the cost to be even higher, ranging from $240,000 to $850,000 per poor hire.  In addition to this significant expense, your clinic will spend time and energy on an improper hire – as well as on recruiting, hiring, and onboarding their replacement.

7. Look Beyond Their Resume

Beyond Resume

Candidates may look good “on paper,” with an impressive CV or resume, but consider how well (or poorly) they fit with your clinic’s team and culture. For instance, a candidate could have impressive experience and credentials, but if they’re rude to your customers and staff, it won’t be a good fit.  Likewise, if they’re cold and uncaring – and you pride yourself on offering friendly, compassionate care – move onto the next candidate.

8. Avoid The “Standard” Interview Questions

Avaid The Standard Interview Questions

Candidates often come to their interview with pre-determined answers to the typical interview questions, like what are your strengths and weaknesses and where do you see yourself in five years. Be creative with your questions, like, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?” Or “What was your favorite thing that you learned in school?” Walk them around your office – and then take them to lunch or out for coffee – and watch how they treat others, including your front desk staff and the servers at the restaurant. Do they treat everyone respectfully? Do they seem sincere and authentic? Are they curious about how things work in your practice, asking thoughtful questions about how things run, and what types of customers you tend to see?

Pay attention to the “seemingly small” things, like whether they ask your employees questions, whether they’re polite when they order, and whether they acknowledge customers in your waiting room as they walk by. These details can offer great insight into their personality and temperament.

9. Conduct Multiple Interviews And Check References

Check Ref.

Many organizations meet with applicants once for an hour and decide whether to hire them based upon that single conversation. If you’re seriously considering certain candidates, meet with them multiple times – and let other employees speak with them, as well. Interviewing people multiple times will really let you go in-depth with your conversations so you can get to know the candidates you’re considering adding to your team. Ask about their skills and experience, of course, but also ask them “real world” questions about how they’d handle various situations in your clinic, including an extremely nervous customer, someone who is resisting hearing aids despite a significant hearing loss, a customer with a very tight budget who thinks they can’t afford hearing aids, etc. And when you find a candidate that your team truly loves, be sure to check their references.

10. Trust Your Gut

Stay Positive (2)

Your gut instinct is usually right. However, it’s also important to validate your gut feelings by asking your colleagues for their impressions about each candidate. Never add someone to the team that the other employees aren’t excited about, as this can lower morale and cause unnecessary drama within your organization. Instead, look for a candidate that your other employees are passionate about – and who brings something special to your clinic’s dynamics.

Beyond your gut instinct, seek evidence that the candidate has performed successfully in similar clinical roles, and has the capabilities and confidence to handle your clinic’s pace, reassure your customers, use your equipment, follow your protocols, sell your products, and provide exceptional care.

11. Stay Positive

Stay Positive (1)

Shift your mindset from: “it’s such drudgery to try and hire talent.” Instead, focus on the opportunity: you get to hire someone amazing, who will bring new energy, ideas, and perspective to your clinic. Don’t think of it as a frustrating process that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Think of it as a treasure hunt, where you’re looking for something precious and valuable: your next great audiologist.

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