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Auditdata’s Onboarding Maximizes Successes with Blended Training

Auditdata focuses heavily on blended learning – a combination of live virtual training and e-learning – to help our customers retain key information and successfully use our intuitive solutions in their hearing clinics. This blog outlines the significant benefits of our blended learning approach.

In a hurry? Here's a brief summary.

  • We make learning FUN by combining effective and interactive training methods –online, personal 1:1 training, plus e-learning modules 
  • When you start with Auditdata, you are assigned a Customer Success Specialist who will be your main point of contact
  • We take care of your data migration 
  • The support doesn’t stop after the training sessions end! Our support team is always there to help you with any questions or issues.

Engaging and Effective Training Methods for Better Learning Experience

Blended Learning

Did you know that the average learner forgets an astonishing 70% of what they learned within 24 hours and 90% of what they learned in a week if they don’t make a concerted effort to retain the information? That’s like putting gas into a vehicle with a hole in the tank, where most of your efforts are wasted. 

When learners sit through a lecture – where a professor talks to them for hours – it’s considered a “passive” way to learn, and people may only retain 5% of what they hear.  And simply reading textbooks alone – without combining any other learning methods – is also considered passive learning, where learners may only retain 10% of what they read. 

At Auditdata, we aim to provide a better, more engaging way to train our customers, allowing them to remember the information they learn. We combine more effective, interactive training methods –online, personal 1:1 training, plus e-learning modules – to help our customers retain key information. What’s more, we offer robust online resources that they can refer to at any time, making it quick and easy to find the information they need whenever they need it. 

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"Auditdata's support has been nothing short of remarkable. Our designated Customer Success Specialist, Teresa, has been particularly impressive. No matter the time of day, she’s immediately responsive to our queries. It’s refreshing to interact with a team that genuinely values our feedback and actively works to make improvements. This level of care makes us feel more like partners than just customers."

Adam Chell Testimonial

Adam Chell

Whitstable Hearing

Effective, Customized Onboarding Flows 

Once you have signed a contract with Auditdata, you're assigned a Customer Success Specialist, who serves as a point of contact and ensures the deadlines are met, and an Implementation Specialist, who oversees the data migration and ensures everything goes smoothly.  

We also offer each customer blended training, which consists of 1:1 online training and e-learning, with a wealth of online courses, FAQs, How-to articles, online manuals, and other detailed information about Auditdata’s solutions to help you use our solutions to their full potential.

Blended learning models have been proven to have multiple and significant benefits, including increased flexibility, effectiveness, participant engagement, more personalized learning, lower costs, better accessibility, and enhanced communication. 

“We know there’s a tremendous amount of information and a steady learning curve with our materials, so this blended learning system has been extremely effective in helping new customers become more proficient at using the Auditdata system and leveraging all the valuable features and functions in their hearing clinics,” said Emma, Head of Customer Success at Auditdata.

"We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers about how much they’ve appreciated the combination of 1:1 personal training plus e-learning, which has given them the knowledge and confidence to use all of Auditdata’s tools, features, and solutions."

Emma Small

Emma Rytter Skovgaard

Head of Customer Success

There are huge advantages around our training opportunities for customers of any size. Small organizations appreciate our learning systems on their own. Bigger organizations might take our materials and convert them to their own learning management systems.  Larger enterprises may opt to do Train the Trainer programs, working with our experts to learn the Auditdata solutions, how to troubleshoot and so on. After a two-day Train the Trainer program, they go on to teach their employees how to use Auditdata’s solutions. Auditdata’s training is flexible enough to structure in whatever format each customer prefers,” Emma continued. 

Structured Onboarding for Seamless Integration and Confidence

To onboard each customer and prepare them for success, we start with a kick-off meeting, where you meet your Customer Success Specialist and Implementation Manager. We discuss your needs, expectations, key tasks and deadlines, and other important information to ensure everyone is aligned. 

Next, your data migration and integration starts behind the scenes. Meanwhile, you receive the training materials so you can start the e-learning in advance of your 1:1 training sessions. 

After the migration/integration, our team starts the testing to validate the integration. Simultaneously, the 1:1 online training begins, along with some self-study material. 

Our goal is that by the go-live date, you feel comfortable and confident with the Auditdata solutions and have a strong familiarity with how the features and functions work. The support doesn’t stop after the training sessions end! Our support team is always there to help you with any questions or issues.

"It’s also important to know that the Auditdata support and customer success team is always here for you. We check in with each customer to make sure everything is working OK, to see if they have questions. We’ll say, ‘We see you aren’t using these certain features – why not? Do you know how they work? Do you need additional training on them? Do you have new employees that need additional training?’ And if they’ve hired new staff, we’re happy to train them as well. We’re always available to help our customers with whatever they need."

Emma Small

Emma Rytter Skovgaard

Head of Customer Success

Completely Intuitive Solutions for Optimal User Experience 

At Auditdata, we understand that a great user experience doesn't start at onboarding; it starts much earlier, during the development phase of our solutions. We prioritize creating products with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that our customers can quickly and efficiently navigate our systems. This user-centric approach allows hearing care professionals to focus on what matters most: their patients.

“Auditdata is an intuitive system. It guides you so you know step-by-step what to do. There’s an easy-to-follow list of what you need to do to reduce confusion or questions about what comes next. The system will direct you, showing you exactly what to do next and in what order,” Emma explained.

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"The training sessions were incredibly insightful. Whenever I needed assistance, my contact person was always quick to direct me or provide the necessary resources to solve any issues."

Peter Jepson


You also have constant access to the e-learning materials, so if you have questions about something down the road, you can come back to these resources. For instance, if you need help or reminders about how to use specific parts of the Auditdata system – such as scheduling, invoicing, how to do a survey, etc. – you can search for that feature within the online materials, and the information is very clear and easy to find.  

“Auditdata created the solutions – and the training – to be as easy, user-friendly, and intuitive as possible,” Emma explained. “We want hearing care professionals to be able to focus their time and energy on their patients, not worrying about how to use these solutions or trying to figure out what comes next in their workflow. Our job is to make their jobs easier!” 

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Auditdata provides software, hardware, and services that enable the best care for patients—before, during, and after treatment. Through innovative, data-driven technology, Auditdata connects the customer journey to enhance comfort and trust between individual patients and the hearing care professionals working closest to them.

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