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One-man hearing clinic gets comprehensive, user-friendly audiology solution

When Brendan Milburn, Owner and Managing Director of Hambleton Hearing, opened his independent hearing clinic in early 2021, he needed a portable audiology solution that he could use in his clinic’s or when he’s doing hearing screenings and diagnostics out in the community.

He wanted this audiology solution to be simple to implement, easy to use, save him time, increase his efficiency and accuracy.. And, as a new business owner with many expenses, he needed an affordable price point. He found all of that – and more – with Auditdata Measure

The needs of his one-man hearing clinic

  • For 30 years, Brendan has worked in the audiology industry and opened Hambleton Hearing in a rural location in the United Kingdom. People in his community appreciate that he’s offering audiology services locally, so they no longer need to travel or go to nearby hospitals for hearing tests and other audiology needs.
  • Brendan, describes his business as “a one-man clinic”, though his wife, also an audiologist, occasionally helps. Since Brendan typically works alone, he wanted a full- suite, one package solution easy to install and intuitive to use, so he can focus his energy on working with his customers, rather than spending time figuring out complicated technology.
  • Hambleton often conducts screenings and diagnostic visits at satellite clinics and within customers’ homes, especially if they have mobility issues that makes it difficult to visit his clinic. He also does regular diagnostics work at a military clinic. Therefore, he needed a portable solution that could travel with, allowing him to access and input data on each of his customers in the field, then easily store and access that information via a cloud-based system in his clinic.
  • It was also important for him, as a new business owner, to find an affordable solution because he had many other start-up expenses to manage. He said he researched “quite a few” companies and Auditdata stood out over the competition in flexibility and payments. 

Auditdata offered superior solutions and support 

Brendan was first connected with Simon Ib Byberg, an Account Executive at Auditdata, via LinkedIn. “Simon was so helpful and quick to answer my questions, which was not the case with other suppliers I looked into,” Brendan explained. “It was frustrating to have to wait for other suppliers to respond to me. With Auditdata, I knew my questions would be answered quickly and that was attractive.” He had heard of Auditdata previously, and knew the organization had a good name and trusted reputation in the industry. 

When Brendan decided to offer hearing aid services, he wanted to follow best practices, using speech testing, Real Ear Measurements and and speech mapping, all in one package. He didn’t want to utilize a disjointed system or rely on multiple solutions to accomplish his tasks. He was intrigued by Auditdata’s full suite solution and its many useful features that would allow him to work more accurately and efficiently.

Since he does much of his work away from his base clinic, he immediately loved Primus Pro’s portability and that he can easily take it on-the-go. He said he likes the fact that it is portable and calibrated, making it an ideal solution for his clinics and home visits. Another key benefit is that Auditdata’s portable solution offers online-offline modes, which lets him access and enter data at clients’ homes and at military clinics during his visits. Then, when he gets back to his clinic, all his off-site data can be instantly uploaded into the cloud for efficient and accurate record-keeping. 

While he needed an all-inclusive system, he also wanted it to be intuitive and user-friendly, so he could concentrate fully on his customers, rather than fussing with complicated technology. Brendan has a key interest in doing thorough diagnostics work. He understands that, unless an audiologist follows industry best practices, it’s hard to survive. As a new business, Brendan is committed to doing everything right from the start. He is keen on offering correct, objective measurements, and he credits Auditdata’s solutions with helping him do that successfully. After participating in a product demo with Simon, Brendan decided to use Auditdata Measure with Primus Pro, and purchased a NOAH license, as well. 

Primus Pro (4)

Easy implementation

Brendan said it was simple to implement Auditdata’s solutions, and he received unwavering support from the Auditdata team before, during, and after implementation. He was pleased that Auditdata gave him all the information he needed and that it was very simple to implement. He was an Apple user, but he transitioned to Windows. He got a USB stick for his laptop and said the implementation “all happened by magic.”

He downloaded the user guide and printed it because he wanted a paper copy, but he also relies on the e-learning guides and the video content that Auditdata provides. He said he appreciates having the flexibility of the e-learning tools and knows he can refer to this information anytime he has a question about the solution or its features. He relies on Auditdata’s videos if he’s not sure how to do something, and is quite impressed with Auditdata’s visual aids, chat functions, e- learning and help center in general. 


Auditdata helps him succeed 

Brendan said he couldn’t accomplish all his daily tasks without Auditdata Measure. The diagnostics gave him equipment in an all-in-one solution, allowing him to easily and accurately carry out real ear measurements, speech mapping, speech in noise testing, and hearing aid provision. He added that he wouldn’t feel comfortable dispensing hearing aids without these objective, accurate measurements. He is pleased to use Primus together with NOAH. 

The NOAH license allows him to download hearing aid manufacturers’ software, carry out testing, and have information automatically entered into the hearing aid manufacturers’ software. One of the biggest benefits that he’s found so far is that he doesn’t have to type information twice, which saves significant time and reduces errors.

According to Brendan, Auditdata Measure’s most appealing features are its array of diagnostic tests and objective measurements available which allow him to follow best practices. The sleek, up- to-date look of the Auditdata equipment, including the measurement systems, is another plus.

He is impressed by how well everything works with “no niggles”. From his research, he found that other vendors’ software solutions don’t seem to do everything the companies claimed they do, but Auditdata has been true to its word, with solutions that work as promised. Auditdata solutions help Brendan service his clients with both new and existing hearing aids. Auditdata Measure can even help him evaluate hearing aids that customers purchased elsewhere to make sure they’re working effectively. 

Easy calibration with no downtime

Brendan praised Auditdata’s calibration SWAP service, where Auditdata ships calibrated transducers to his clinic. Auditdata’s innovative approach stores the calibration information in the transducer plug, which means all Brendan needs to do is plug in a new set of calibrated transducers or probes, with no hassle or downtime. This means he can be ready for his next client with no interruption.

After plugging in the new transducers, he boxes up his old equipment and returns the expired transducers through the mail. He likes the fact that Auditdata’s SWAP service forgoes the need for someone to come onsite to his clinic to calibrate, which can result in work interruptions, downtime, and potentially long waits for the technician to come service his equipment. Since the calibration can be done easily by mail, it provides stability to his operations. 

Calibration X3

He’s not using Auditdata’s clinical workflows yet, since it’s early days in his clinic, but he plans to use it in the future, as his business expands. Brendan said he wants to learn more about Auditdata’s capabilities and how to use the software to elevate his business operations and customer care. He understands that Auditdata offers flexibility and scalability so he can add new solutions as his business grows. For the moment, he’s enjoying Measure’s various features, which allow him to run his business efficiently while providing exceptional care to his customers.