Auditdata Measure - Primus 4.0

Auditdata Measure - Primus 4.0

Auditdata offers real-time audiometric quality assessment with nudging in audiology settings

Today, we have launched Primus 4.0, which will enable audiologists to improve clinical performance with automatic nudges prompted by the system.

Copenhagen, Denmark, February 28, 2022 – Auditdata Measure, a portfolio of audiological equipment run by an advanced software system, uniquely offers real-time assessment with digital nudging and automated centralized auditing reports. This real-time audiometric quality assessment software helps hearing clinics improve clinical quality and consistently follow best practice testing processes. Auditdata is one of the first to offer nudging and auditing in an audiology healthcare setting.

Nudge theory is a behavioral science concept that proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to influence the behavior and decision-making of groups or individuals in numerous settings, including healthcare. Nudges help providers overcome suboptimal behaviors to improve quality of care, optimize processes, reduce errors, and minimize wasteful spending. Importantly, nudges help healthcare providers avoid making default choices in patient care, where a single option is not appropriate or acceptable for all patients. 

Primus, a central part of Measure’s audiological equipment portfolio, improves clinical performance with automatic nudges to the audiologists, so they now can rely on visual notifications and reminders to help provide quicker, more accurate, higher-quality audiometry with complete confidence. 

Auditdata’s real-time audiometric quality assessment offers significant benefits to hearing clinics:

  • Highlighted audiometric nudging improves the quality of care and patient and business outcomes. 
  • Clinical auditing provides a comprehensive, accurate view of the enterprise, including performance metrics for each clinic and audiologist, allowing clinic owners to identify (and correct) any non-compliance issues. 
  • clinics can spotlight their adherence to the highest industry standards as a key differentiator in their marketing efforts.

Audiologists face numerous, complex decisions with every patient regarding clinical workflow, testing, diagnosis, counseling, and recommending solutions. Audiologists often work in fast-paced clinics and must deliver efficient and accurate diagnoses and consistently excellent care day after day,” said Astrid Haastrup, Chief Audiologist and Product Manager at Auditdata. “Each audiology customer has specific needs that must be met and different levels of hearing losses that must be properly corrected. Since each customer journey must be personalized, audiologists should not rely on default decision-making during hearing exams. Nudging can help tremendously.


"Hearing clinics should use Auditdata Measure’s real-time assessment and nudging to ensure consistently high-quality hearing examinations, accurate diagnoses, appropriate solutions, and proper fittings."

Astrid Haastrup

Director of Clinical Product Management at Audidata

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Auditdata’s unique solutions help hearing care providers improve clinical care and drive their business performance and growth. We offer data-driven, connected solutions to help you take your audiology business to the next level.

About Auditdata:

Auditdata transforms the way hearing care providers can manage and deliver services to people with hearing loss. With data-driven solutions and services catering to all touchpoints of the audiology customer journey, Auditdata helps you take a proactive approach to achieve excellence in the way you deliver patient care and run your audiology business. 

Established in 1992, Auditdata has more than 28 years of experience working specifically with retail and hospital audiology software and audiometry. Around the world, 3,500 hearing clinics with 10,000+ users already use the company’s software daily to improve clinical performance.

About Measure:

Auditdata Measure is a portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software that lets hearing shops manage and optimize clinical workflows based on data-driven insights. Standardizing, benchmarking, and optimizing clinical processes means higher clinical performance, better quality and, ultimately, happier customers. 


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