Drive lead capturing with
a tablet or kiosk hearing screener

Are you looking for a new way to engage with your patients and capture more leads that could potentially turn into valuable customers? Listo is hearing screener solution that lets you do exactly this.

Two-minute hearing test

Listo is an iPad based application that conducts a hearing screening by analyzing a person’s ability to hear during a simple intuitive two-minute test. It can be installed stand-alone on an iPad, but Auditdata can also deliver a more advanced and accurate solution including a stand with space for a portable Primus Ice portable diagnostic audiometer. Both solutions are easy to set-up and customize to a specific retail audiology company and suitable to be used in high-traffic spaces. In a pharmacy, a waiting room or a specific retail space for example. Allowing people to perform a non-assisted, fast and free hearing check can be an important prerequisite to generate leads, sell more hearing aids or offer relevant after-sales support.

hearing test

What is the difference between the stand-alone tablet and kiosk based solution?

The stand-alone iPad solution delivers a solid, yet preliminary indication of a given person’s hearing abilities, whereas the kiosk solution delivers an actual audiogram that can be used as discussion starting point saving valuable time during a later appointment with an audiologist.

What is the patient experience like?

Screening takes about two minutes in a simple, user-friendly interface where video is used to guide the user. The application is customizable to reflect a company’s visual brand identity. During the test the application compensates for background noise providing a reliable test result.

What are the main benefits for retail audiology providers?

The solution, regardless of whether it’s the stand-alone iPad solution or a more advanced kiosk-based version, offer retail shops a new way to engage with potential customers and capture leads in a non-assistive way. Ultimately, this translates into more potential customers and stronger sales.

What are the technical advantages of the solution?


  • Individual test flows and results calculator can be defined and iPads can be calibrated to operate with selected head-sets including non-audiology head-sets
  • Integrated with Auditdata Aurora OMS making it possible to push test results and patient data to OMS

Data analysis and transparency

  • Detailed usage statistics easy to access and download
  • Each shop can review data about patients and captured lead
  • Test results and patient data can be viewed in a web browser


  • Fully GDPR and data sovereignty compliant including patient data geo location.
  • Secure system that is ISO27001 certified and Azure cloud compliant
  • Provided as SaaS continuously available with all data hosted and backed up in the cloud
  • Open API for third party system integration


  • Centralized website for all global settings
  • Easy asset management enabling fast on/off boarding of active iPads
  • Multiple languages support
  • Fast and easy shop on-boarding

Comparison between the tablet and the kiosk based screener

Stand-alone tablet screener

Kiosk based screener

Quick screening of hearing loss
Customizable look and feel
Patient self-service
Patient triage
Lead capturing
Video support
Illustrative test result output
iPad support
Audiogram output
Audiometer required
Windows tablet PC

Please note that Listo is a software solution. The tablet and the physical kiosk stand are not included.

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