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Primus HIT Pro

The Primus HIT Pro hearing instrument test unit has all the tests your need for testing, fitting and verifying hearing instruments, regardless of manufacturer. The system adheres to industry standards IEC and ANSI and is fully Noah compatible. The Primus software and shard interface for all Primus elements enables you to customize the stimuli and prescriptive targets according to your needs.

HIT Pro4

Excellent acoustic chamber

Accurate acoustics and quality are essential when testing or fitting hearing instruments. The Primus HIT Pro unit has a large spacious chamber which provides greater attenuation, minimum distortion for more accurate measurements. The HI holder is specially designed to ensure stable placement of BTEs and RITE during the measurements.

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Coupler Based 1

Perform coupler-based fitting

Primus HIT Pro is a spacious test chamber that makes measuring faster and easier. With automated test sequences you can handily control the hearing instrument specifications.Perform coupler-based fitting including real ear to coupler difference RECD measured or predicted for various verification procedures, pre-programming and pre-fitting without the client being present. And carry out customized measurements for servicing adult as well as pediatric clients more efficiently.

Apt Gain2

Apt gain and feature verification

Primus software allows you to customize the stimuli and prescriptive targets for any gain or HI feature verification (such as noise reduction or frequency lowering) which can provide invaluable information about the HI performance.

HIT Test1

Hearing Instrument Tests

Hearing Instrument Tests module allow you to test and verify hearing instrument specifications such as OSPL90, full-on gain, frequency response, harmonic distortion, equivalent input noise, battery current, induction and more.

Left and right LED indicators

Coloured LED indicators will help you operate the Primus HIT Pro unit. When connected to the PC, a green light appears when the Primus HIT Pro is ready for use. For your convenience, a red or a blue light shine, when you run tests on either the right or the left side.

Primus Hit Pro Indicators Smaller (1)

Technical specifications

TESTS: OSPL90, Full-On-Gain, AGG Input/Output, Attack/Release time, Reference test gain, Frequency Response, Equivalent Input Noise, Harmonic Distortion, Battery Current, Telecoil/Induction

Loudspeaker or Telecoil

125 Hz - 16 kHz

1/6, 1/12, 1/24th octave based on 2048 pt. FFT

40 - 90dB SPL

Operator Monitor for in-the-coupler monitoring for REM and Speech Mapping measurements

NOAH-link™ or HI-PRO can be connected and feed through to an internal connector.

Noah 4 or higher as well as other practice management systems such as Auditdata Manage and Auditbase

344 x 347 x 140 mm

5,8 kg

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