Real Ear Measurement

When programming new hearing aids, you need to ensure optimal aiding of gain and frequency response for more comfortable listening, improved speech quality and intelligibility. Primus REM enables you to perform real ear measurements in an easy and efficient way. You can be sure you are providing your client with consistent audibility and better long-term outcomes with very little effort.

Real Ear Measurements

Improve audibility and maximize customer satisfaction

Real ear measurement affects your patient’s experience positively due to improved audibility and increased satisfaction with the overall fitting experience. Primus REMs is a simple to use process that isn’t time-consuming. You can easily incorporate real ear measurement into your workflow with the guided and monitored Primus workflows.

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Improve Audibility1@2X 100

Probe tube placement made easy

Inserting the probe tube in the ear canal can be a challenging part of the real ear measurement process. If inserted too short into the ear canal your measurements become inaccurate. Inserted too deep you may, to the discomfort of your client, touch the ear drum. The REM probe holder enables uncomplicated positioning of probe microphones, regardless of ear size and ensures correct placement for more accurate real ear measurements without worry.


Make hearing aid fitting faster and easier with incorporated verification

Close integration between Primus and hearing instrument fitting software simplifies and streamlines the verification process and allows you to accomplish fast and accurate verification. Using Primus, you can adjust the hearing instruments automatically and make an automated fit to a prescriptive target directly in hearing instrument fitting software. Primus is incorporated into ReSound, Beltone, Interton, Oticon, Bernafon and Sivantos fitting software.

Hearing Aid

Testing and evaluation options

With the Primus REM module, binaural REM capabilities will save both you and your clients time, making it easier to perform hearing aid fitting. Use Primus REM with other Primus instruments, including Primus HIT Pro or Primus LS Mini.


Possible measurements:

Unaided, aided, occluded (both gain and output); insertion gain and RECD; open and closed fitting.

Practical test signals:

ISTS, LTASS, ICRA and many different noises.

Applicable prescriptive formulas:

DSL v5, NAL-NL1 and NAL-NL2 and manual target input for individualized evaluation

Building blocks to power your clinical performance

Whether you're doing testing and fitting at your clinic or on the move, you need flexible and connected solutions that make clinical data available to other systems. With seamless integration to Noah and a modular architecture, Auditdata Measure makes it possible to add the specific modules you need, e.g. video otoscopy, REM, speech mapping or others.

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