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Primus Pro

With modern and innovative features, Primus Pro is a fast, efficient, and user-friendly audiometer and fitting unit that delivers everything you need to perform advanced clinical audiometry, counselling, and fitting. Driven by advanced software, it makes data available from your testing and fitting processes empowering you to streamline workflows, follow best-practice, and provide better customer service.

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Hearing tests performed with Primus Pro

Primus Pro is our advanced audiometer and fitting solution with a full test battery ranging including audiometry, Real-Ear Measurements, and Speech Mapping.

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Technical specifications

TRANSDUCERS: Insert Ear phone, Real Ear Probe, REM Probe Flex, TDH39, B71, ER-3C, DD45, DD450, DD65v2

ADD-ONS POSSIBLE: Optical plug and connect multiple speakers

FREQUENCY RANGE: 125 Hz to 16 kHz LEVELS: -10 dB up to 120 dB HL (maximum output is limited by transducer’s capability)

COMPATIBILITY: Noah 4 or higher as well as other practice management software systems such as Auditdata Manage and Auditbase

DIMENSIONS: 345 x 112 x 35mm (360 x 120 x 96 mm with cover) WEIGHT: 500 g (900 g with cover)

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Primus Pro

  • A clinical, PC-based advanced audiometer with  Audiometry software with high-frequency testing.

  • Video otoscopy, REM and Speech Mapping modules are available and optional.

  • Standard accessories included in the audiometer: DC Adaptor, Client Response, USB cod and loudspeaker cable.

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