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How to Get started With Our Practice Management Software In 7 Simple Steps

 Auditdata Manage is an innovative Practice Management Software. Here’s how hearing clinics can get started with our practice management software, Manage, in 7 simple steps.

Auditdata Manage is an innovative Practice Management Softwarr (PMS) that seamlessly integrates screenings, scheduling, invoicing, inventory, reporting, and more. This comprehensive, fully featured solution uniquely offers all the functions that audiology clinics need. Our system makes tasks easier, more efficient, and more accurate, helping hearing care shops provide exceptional service for their customers. 

1. Set Up a Customized System

Our support specialists will sit down with your team and help you set up your system in a way that best meets your clinic's needs. We will work collaboratively with you to determine how you want the parameters set and customize the system accordingly. Manage is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and we set it up to meet each client’s unique needs, goals, and challenges. 

Contact Us for More Information About Manage

For more information about Manage and how it can help your business maximize success, please contact us. 

2. Convert Your Data

If your shops have an existing PMS system, the first step is to convert your existing data into our Manage software. We help facilitate exporting your data from your current software and importing it into Manage. This allows you to start using our software with your data – you don’t have to start from scratch. Auditdata does data conversions, ensuring a seamless process so our clients don’t lose any important information. 

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3. Link To NOAH

Every hearing clinic and audiologist must use NOAH to fit and program hearing aids. Auditdata uniquely uses Bridge to link between Manage and NOAH, so all patient data converts easily and accurately from NOAH into Manage. We make sure this information is all linked and synced, so your staff members don’t have to re-enter any data. 

4. Connect To Your Accounting System

Auditdata assists customers by linking to their backend accounting system. Whether you’ve been using Quickbooks, Xero, or another system, we can support your company’s individualized accounting needs, getting you up and running on Manage without any glitches. 

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5. Participate in Training

During this phase in the process, you and your staff will learn how to use the various features in Manage. For instance, we’ll show your team how to control your inventory, manage patients, book appointments, and complete your invoicing. Training is offered through a combination of in-person sessions, remote training, and e-learning, so you can choose the options that suit you best. Additionally, Auditdata offers robust information online so our clients can refer to these resources at any time. Training sessions are conducted for each individual organization, allowing your staff to learn about your customized system and ask questions based on your clinic’s specific needs. Moreover, this also means that onboarding of new staff is easily done by using our e-learning materials. 

6. Go Live

Post-training, you will pick a go live date for the new software. Manage is a browser-based software, so there are no programs to install. You are up and running quickly and easily. 

7. Troubleshoot, As Necessary

While the transition to Manage is smooth, Auditdata is always available to help with questions or issues whenever they arise. We support our clients across all global time zones, providing quick, accurate answers to questions via email or telephone.  

For More Information About How to Get Started with Manage

It’s easy and hassle-free to get started with the Manage Practice Management system, and the Auditdata team is available to support your organization through every step of the process. Once you’re live with Manage, you’ll enjoy an efficient, accurate, user-friendly experience that will help improve all your hearing clinic’s tasks, from scheduling to inventory, invoicing and more. 

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