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Patient Summary

The Patient Summary provides quick access to key information about each patient in a single screen, thus saving time by preventing the user from having to search around different areas of the system.

  • Demographics
  • Appointment History
  • Audiology
  • Recalls
  • Recent Products
Patient Summary

NOAH integration through Bridge

For Audiology service providers who want to store and access client data from one place and support off-line mode. Bridge is a cloud-based storage feature available in Auditdata Manage that gives HCPs the ability to store client and audiological data online and access these remotely. Unlike other systems where data is stored on premise or local PCs, Bridge enables you to provide care using online or offline audiology data. 

This is means that Auditdata Manage is fully integrated with NOAH allowing you to access all of your testing and fitting information easily and at anytime. Click ‘Launch Bridge’ to access NOAH and save all information to your Manage patient file.

  • No duplicate entry
  • One NOAH database
  • No location/user limit
  • Offline mode support
Learn more about Bridge - NOAH integrator

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Hearing Aids & Devices

The History tab shows details on all devices purchased by each patient, allowing the user to get an overview of all devices purchased by the patient.

  • Side
  • Purchase Date
  • Make/Model
  • Serial Number
  • Warranty Dates
  • Detailed Loaner Tracking


Keeping accurate and detailed patient notes is critical.  The notes area in Manage allows you to record every important detail about a patient’s visit. 

  • Add free-form notes
  • Add notes from saved templates
  • Lock for editing
  • Add radio groups
  • Add drop-downs and check boxes easily


The ability to market effectively to your patients is essential today. Manage contains powerful marketing tools, allowing you to release your data’s full potential. And allowing you to stay in constant contact with your patients. Print letters, labels and other communications for a single patient or on a 'bulk' basis.

  • Mine your patient database using flexible criteria
  • Print letters
  • Print labels
  • SMS / Email customized communications

Marketing Summary

The marketing summary page allows you to very quickly assess whether a patient has opted in for certain marketing communications. These can include marketing methods such as telephone, email, SMS or regular mail. In addition, you can view recent interactions with your patient such as letters or notifications sent and survey results.

Document Management - Go Paperless

Manage allows your organization to go completely paperless! Scan documents or images such as invoices, claim forms, pictures, correspondence and attach to any patient record easily. Supported formats include (but are not limited to):  PDF, PNG, BMP, DOC, XLS.

Upload your own customized word documents or editable PDF files and then save them to the patient record directly.

Document History

The Manage platform tracks all Quotes, Invoices, Orders, Repairs & Payments for both your patients and any third party insurer.  Documents can be customized with your own logo and terms and conditions and can be emailed to patients or printed in hard copy form.

  • Full Support For Signature Capture
  • Barcode Scanning
Slade Invoice (1)

Patient Forms

Manage allows you to upload an unlimited number of custom patient forms which can then be printed on demand.  These forms can include claim forms, custom letters, worksheets and more!  The documents uploaded can be in Word or PDF format and can be configured to automatically fill fields with data from the system without the need to re-type information.

Patient Forms - Practice Management System for Hearing Care

Custom Fields

Auditdata Manage allows organizations to configure a number of user defined codes which can be used to track specific unique data for each patient that may not be considered standard or which may be unique to your organization. Examples include: Hearing Aid Status, Marketing Information, Patient vs Prospects, Spoken Language, etc.  These same customized fields can then be used when mining your patient database for specific patient records.

Alternate Contacts

Whether you have elderly patients or children as patients it is likely that you will want to have alternate contact information in the system for some of them. For example, with child you might want their parents information to be listed as an alternate contact. 

Recall Management

Auditdata Manage provides full recall management functionality.  Never again miss an opportunity to follow up with your patients!  Easily input recalls for a specific patient and then let the system automatically follow up via email or SMS when the recall is due. 

Recall Management

Call Logging

Call logging allows you to track detailed marketing interactions with your patients.

  • Who called (you or the patient)
  • Is it related to a marketing campaign?
  • What was the outcome?
  • Date/Time/User who entered the call Notes

Patient Notification

No shows are bad for any business, and it’s no different for an audiology organization. With our built in SMS and Email reminder function you can notify patients when an appointment is upcoming to increase the chances of them showing up. Notifications can be sent via email or SMS and all notification history can be viewed from the patient record.  

Optionally allow patients to confirm appointments via SMS.  When this is enabled, if a patient confirms their appointment, the appointment status is updated for you automatically!

Automated notifications can also be sent for patient recalls in addition to appointments.

Patient Notification - In practice management system for hearing care

Lead Management

The Lead Information screen allows users to enter and maintain patient leads/prospects separate from patients. Leads are considered potential patients and the Manage platform allows you to track only certain activities for leads as compared to patients. For leads a user can enter notes, book appointments, record marketing activities, add electronic files attachments and log calls. When you are ready you can convert lead to a patient you can do so with a single click without losing any of the previously entered information! 




It can be challenging for hearing impaired people to put words on their hearing disability and how it affects their daily life. This information is important for the Audiologist to select the correct hearing technology and counsel the best way.

  • Surveys can help the Audiologist to subjectively understand customer(s) listening challenges and needs, as well as the impact of hearing technology on their quality of life.
  • Survey can help the Audiologist to provide the best services and user experience.
  • Surveys are also be used to understand the quality of service provided to the individual customer.

The Survey designer feature contains a number of controls that can be used to create different types of client surveys templates: C.O.S.I, marketing consent, lifestyle, customer satisfaction, hearing aid use and many other.

To start configuring a survey template, go to the User menu in the top right corner of any page in Manage.

Hearing Screener Integration

Auditdata Manage is seamlessly integrated with our own iPad hearing screener, Auditdata Engage. All leads captured using our hearing screening solution go straight into the lead area of Manage making sure no data gets lost due to manual work.

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