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What to Expect From Installing a Hearing Screener?

Using a hearing screener to attract new leads to your clinic is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools to use. But why is that? Please find the reasons why you should invest in a hearing screener.

Get Qualified Leads

Depending on age, a lot of the leads trying the hearing screener will have a hearing loss. Many people have a hearing loss, but just don’t know it or ignore it. The prevalence of hearing loss increases with age WHO stats show that world-wide:

  • 1/5 of (18%) of adults aged 45 to 64 suffer from hearing loss,
  • Nearly one third (30%) of adults aged 65 to 74 suffer from hearing loss,
  • About half (48%) of adults aged 75 and older suffer from hearing loss

What we have seen from our clients is that on average about 50-60% of clients using a hearing screener has a hearing loss and many of them act on it when they realise this. Of all leads with a confirmed hearing loss 50-60% books an appointment and shows up in the clinics. It is then up to you to convert these leads into buying clients.

Broaden Your Geographic Scope

The online screener makes it possible to join events or partner with local clinics in testing people. What we have seen work, is to use it:

  • In your clinics for relatives to use or to prequalify new leads from other marketing channels
  • At friends and family events where your existing clients can join with their relatives
  • At pharmacies, malls, general practitioners, or other places where people wait
  • Joining forces with an optical chain to generate leads
  • For optical chain to integrate into the hearing business
  • At events for elderly people like country clubs, rotary events, and other

Use The Hearing Screener as a Pre-qualifier

The leads have already been pre-qualified, and you know that they have a confirmed hearing loss before they spend valuable time with your audiologist. Sometimes, it is even a good idea to use the screener for leads from other marketing channels before you book a long appointment with your audiologists. An idea could be to only book long appointments if the leads are more than 60 years old, but invite them to a quick-test if they are younger.

Another factor increasing the quality of the lead is the fact that the maturity level of the lead is higher when booking the appointment. The client knows there is a hearing loss and is no longer in denial of their challenges this eases the work of the HCPs dramatically, as they are much further in their buying journey.

Stay Data-Compliant

GDPR and other data protection laws have make it difficult to stay compliant with marketing and limited the way marketeers can use data in marketing. The hearing screener is a tool adding to the marketing channels your can use. We provide centralized control enabling you to collect and manage customer data while staying fully compliant with GDPR and other data security requirements.

To help owners, regional managers and marketeers improve their outgoing communication, we have created a marketing guide with a complete end-to-end customer journey starting with your customer insight and data. Our guide is about increasing your in-store traffic, converting more prospects into clients, and retaining those for life.

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Attract Customers to Your Hearing Clinic

The first step in growing your business with new customers is to increase the number of pre-qualified leads that come to your clinic. Getting new leads is costly and challenging. One way is to activate your existing customers and get them to refer a friend or family. Hosting events or marketing campaigns can also be an efficient way to increase traffic to your hearing clinic and get more new customers. To keep marketing and lead acquisition costs down and quality up, hearing care professionals need a practice management software that supports a unified strategy across all channels. 

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