Primus PRO

Looking for an easy to use fully loaded clinical audiometer?

The Primus Pro is a modern and portable clinical audiometer and fitting system. It offers everything that you need to provide best practice hearing care in one device. Whether it is in the clinic or on the go, the Primus Pro has everything you need.

A modern innovative Audiometer

The Primus Pro is a modular PC based audiometer with innovative features that will help you to streamline your processes. We have continually collaborated with professionals like you to ensure that Primus Pro meets the demands of modern hearing care practice

Primus Pro Audiometer
hearing testing in hospital measurement on screen

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use software

We design Primus software with the user in mind. We base it on familiar concepts and design cues so that when you open it, it is immediately intuitive and easy-to-use. That ease of use means that it will save you time when performing your daily tasks straight out of the box. You can customise the software further, dividing your processes into workflows depending on session types, so your next job is always ready at hand.

Modular Flexibility

With Primus Pro, you can choose between various modules; it is not an all or nothing system. That means that you can build a testing and fitting solution that suits your needs, and when those needs change, you simply add a module:

No Calibration Downtime

Calibration is something that everyone dreads; you either face downtime in the clinic or an investment in redundancy. With Primus, we store all the calibration information in the plug of each transducer. To calibrate the system, simply switch to a new set of transducers – no downtime needed.

Professional Counselling Module

The counselling module offers both visual and audio tools to help you explain the hearing loss and demonstrate its impact.


With true 2-channel audiometry and high-frequency testing, the Primus PRO Audiometry module is entirely up to date with the requirements of a modern hearing care clinic.

Real Ear Measurement

The classic Real Ear Measurement module includes Unaided, Occluded and Aided Response as well as Insertion Gain.

Speech Testing

The Speech Testing module offers classic speech testing along with Speech in Noise and Quick SIN.

Speech Mapping

Live Speech Mapping is sometimes the determining factor in enabling clients and family members to understand the benefits of the hearing instrument.

Technical specifications

Transducers: Insert Ear phone, Real Ear Probe, REM Probe Flex, TDH39, HDA300, B71, ER-3C, DD45, DD450, DD65v2
Add-ons possible: Optical plug and connect multiple speakers
Frequency Range: 125 Hz to 16 kHz
Levels: -10 dB up to 120 dB HL (maximum output is limited by transducer’s capability)
Compatibility: Noah 4 or higher as well as other clinic management systems such as Strato and Auditbase
Dimensions: 345 x 112 x 35mm (360 x 120 x 96 mm with cover)
Weight: 500 g (900 g with cover)

Complete solutions for hearing care professionals

Auditdata offers a series of audiometers and fitting products. Further, we are experts in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals. Check out some of our other solutions below.

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