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Primus Pro

With modern and innovative features, Primus Pro is a fast, efficient and user-friendly audiometer that delivers everything you need to perform advanced clinical audiometry and counselling. Driven by advanced software, it makes data available from your testing and fitting processes empowering you to streamline workflows and provide better customer service. 

Primus Pro

Intelligent and connected 

Primus Pro is a 4-channel clinical audiometer and fitting system built to integrate with the systems that run your clinic. It is a pc-based, portable clinical type 1A audiometer with high frequency audiometry, REM, and Speech Mapping modules available. You can set it up precisely to your needs and its seamless integration with Noah saves you time when performing daily tasks.

Primus Pro2

Intuitive and easy-to-use

Primus Pro drives efficiency in your clinic. At its core is the Primus software that integrates everything you do into one system. The Primus software is designed with the user in mind. We base it on familiar concepts so that when you open it, it is immediately intuitively easy to use. 

Better clinical performance

Gain valuable insight about your clinical performance through analytics made available in our Auditdata Discover solution. Leveraging clinical data enables you to get the bigger picture, benchmark, spot trends and translate this into decisions and action to improve quality and customer satisfaction

Customized workflows

With our workflow engine, you can customize the software and divide your processes depending on session types and country requirements, so your next job is always ready at hand. In this way, you can seamlessly transition from video otoscopy to audiometry, tympanometry, and real ear measurements. Manage and define your workflows from Auditdata Discover and push them to all your locations with the click of a button.

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"Competitive prices enabled us to replace our old installations with brand new and more efficient equipment and software solutions supporting our business goals."

Jaume Anglada, Medical Product Manager


Primus Pro

Modular flexibility

With Primus Pro, you are free to choose from various modules. That means you can build a testing and fitting solution that suits your specific needs, and when those needs change, you simply add a module


Counselling Module

The Counselling Module offers both visual and audio tools to help you explain the level of hearing loss and demonstrate its impact.

Audiometry Module New


The Audiometry module offers high-frequency testing and  special tests such as TEN and SISI. You can also use it as a pediatric audiometer. The Primus Pro Audiometry module is entirely up to date with the requirements of a modern hearing care clinic.

Sp Audiometry Module New

Speech Audiometry

The Speech Audiometry module offers classic speech audiometry testing along with Speech in Noise and Quick SIN.

HIT Test1

Hearing Instrument Tests

Hearing Instrument Tests module allow you to test and verify hearing instrument specifications such as OSPL90, full-on gain, frequency response, harmonic distortion, equivalent input noise, battery current, induction and more.

Technical specifications

TRANSDUCERS: Insert Ear phone, Real Ear Probe, REM Probe Flex, TDH39, HDA300, B71, ER-3C, DD45, DD450, DD65v2

ADD-ONS POSSIBLE: Optical plug and connect multiple speakers

FREQUENCY RANGE: 125 Hz to 16 kHz LEVELS: -10 dB up to 120 dB HL (maximum output is limited by transducer’s capability)

COMPATIBILITY: Noah 4 or higher as well as other clinic management systems such as Strato (Manage) and Auditbase

DIMENSIONS: 345 x 112 x 35mm (360 x 120 x 96 mm with cover) WEIGHT: 500 g (900 g with cover)

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Make calibration downtime a thing of the past

With calibration in the plug of the transducers, it’s a simple case of swapping them for new ones. This means no clinic downtime or investment in redundancy.

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