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9 Reasons to Choose Manage as Your New Practice Management Software

Our innovative solution seamlessly integrates all aspects of running a hearing care clinic: screenings, scheduling, inventory, reporting, and more. It uniquely offers local support across all global time zones, includes reimbursement support for numerous country requirements, comes in multiple languages, and provides unprecedented integration to NOAH. Here are 9 reasons audiology businesses should choose Manage: 

1. It’s Only Software Needed To Run Your Practice 

Whether you call it a Practice Management Software (PMS) or an Office Management Software (OMS), Auditdata Manage is comprehensive and fully featured, uniquely offering all the functions that retail audiology businesses need. Your daily tasks and workflows are easier, more efficient, and more accurate to complete and you can provide best-in-class service and care for your customers. 

2. Manage is Localized For Your Market

Auditdata is localized for 10+ countries, which is a very rare feature for a PMS. Manage fully supports key markets such as Australia the UK and the US. Manage allows large enterprises operating in different countries the ability to use the same system across the whole organization. Auditdata offers local support from five different countries – across all global time zones. We’re the only audiology software company with support in all time zones (and all business hours) around the world. 

3. Auditdata Manage Offers Comprehensive Hearing Screening Solutions

Our clients truly love the portable hearing screenings they can conduct using Auditdata Engage, an iPad screening solution. Audiology professionals can place the screening solution practically anywhere, whether that is in an optical clinic, doctor’s office, local business, at the mall, or in other community location to create qualified leads to the clinics. Consumers can take a quick, but effective, two-minute screening on Engage, and results go directly to Manage, allowing our clients to follow up proactively with everyone whose results show a hearing loss. Engage has helped our clients drive down the cost of securing leads, while significantly boosting lead generation. Another way to use the screener is to prequalify leads who are less likely to have hearing loss before they book an appointment with a service provider. 

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4. It improves Scheduling

Staffing, optimization of appointments, and reducing waiting times can become huge challenges without effective, accurate, and user-friendly appointment scheduling. Manage offers an appointment scheduler with some of the most advanced resource scheduling capabilities in the marketplace. You can manage all your resources, such as rooms, people, and equipment. Other software may let you schedule your hour-long appointments, but they often don't allow allocating other resources or reserve rooms or equipment for just a portion of the appointment – but Manage does. With Manage you can easily book resources (clinicians, space, equipment) for the exact amount of time you need.

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5. It’s Extremely Secure to Store and Access Data 

Global privacy requirements for handling personal data are increasingly difficult to handle. Auditdata’s software solutions are ISO certified, which means that we adhere to high standards for data management on a global basis. Our software is hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure hosting platforms in the world. We offer the highest levels of data security to our clients to avoid security and privacy breaches. This high level of security puts our customers’ minds at ease, as they store confidential information – such as patient data and financial details – on our software. All Auditdata softwares – including Manage – are fully in the cloud, providing better visibility to multi-unit businesses. Our clients can use our fine-grained access control to determine the information their users can see, for an additional level of security. Hearing clinics can set up their software so their finance department can see all accounting information across the organization while shielding access to patients’ health records. Conversely, their clinicians can have access to patient data, but not the company’s financial information. We’re proud to offer this elite level of security and compliance. 

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6. Manage Offers One-of-a-kind Integration to NOAH

NOAH is a platform that audiologists use to complete clinical activities, hearing tests, and then program and fit hearing aids. While NOAH is the industry-standard platform used around the globe, and many PMS softwares offer some integration to it, none of them is as close as Auditdata's integration. Auditdata has created NOAH Bridge, which creates a full data connection between Manage and NOAH. This piece of software prevents duplicate data entry between the two softwares. The following example demonstrates this point: If you’re an audiologist in Sydney, Australia, you likely have good infrastructure and Internet. But if you run a hearing clinic in a remote place several times a week, and you don’t have good access to the Internet there, you still need to conduct hearing tests and provide hearing aids in this remote town. With our software, you can work in an online mode in your office, as well as an offline mode when you’re working in an area without reliable Internet. It’s common for Auditdata’s clients to have a main office plus satellite locations and/or they work in nursing homes and other community locations, so flexibility is essential. Furthermore, NOAH is often a black box for most customers, as the data generated cannot be accessed easily. Auditdata Bridge changes this completely by offering extensive insights into NOAH clinical data. With our software, you can do the hearing test in the small town, using our very powerful offline capability. Then, when you come back to your office, all the data will be synced and uploaded, and it’s all tied into Manage.

7. Manage Provides Extensive Reporting

Customers have told us that the data export capabilities of the Manage platform are far superior to any other system. Manage’s extensive reporting capabilities allow our clients to pull a variety of reports, including financial, product sales, accounts receivables, and revenue generation. They can also use its advanced reporting features to see specialist allocations, margin analysis, warranty expirations, stock/inventory reports, and much more. 

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8. Manage Offers Comprehensive Inventory Control Capabilities

Advanced functionalities allow hearing clinic staff to track and store serialized items, such as hearing aids, over time. Manage supports barcode scanning, which our clients find helpful. Another valuable feature in Manage is the upsell capabilities. If a customer buys a hearing aid, this software will prompt your staff to ask the customer if they want a cleaning kit or other products, which helps boost sales. Additionally, the Manage solution features a full stock take module to make it easier, more accurate, and more manageable to track inventory. Companies – especially larger companies – typically conduct a full inventory either bi-annually or quarterly. Our comprehensive software allows them to compile account sheets by location, and tie them into an inventory control module to make sure it’s accurate and updated across the enterprise.  Auditdata Manage’s inventory control features help our clients and differentiate us from the competition.  

9. Manage Helps Clinics Manage Complex Reimbursement Systems

Another key reason why people buy an audiology software is to deal with complicated reimbursement systems, which differ by country. Auditdata is localized in more than 10 countries, and well-equipped to support the different reimbursement systems around the world. In Canada, there are multiple reimbursement systems that are supported by Manage. Manage fully supports the reimbursement processes globally, including Commonwealth, Europe, North America, and APAC. If businesses don’t use a PMS like ours – and attempt this task manually – they often spend significant time and energy on it and experience increased errors and headaches. 

Spend The Minutes Where They Matter 

Auditdata Manage relieves staff of manual processes and data chaos, cutting paperwork and complexity out of the daily routine. The practice management software frees time up, so hearing care professionals can focus on delivering knowledgeable and tailored care to their patients.

The beauty of Manage is that it’s comprehensive and fully featured, yet user-friendly and intuitive, allowing audiology practices to increase efficiency and accuracy throughout their business operations. Manage offers all the functions that hearing clinics need, such as streamlined scheduling, improving screenings, tracking inventory, creating reports, handling reimbursement, and more. Additionally, it offers local support and language to accommodate users from around the world. Our customers rave about its functions and say it makes it easier for them to conduct all aspects of their business so they can provide exceptional care. 

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