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Why Accurate and Advanced Reporting is Crucial for Hearing Clinics

Reporting is essential for hearing clinics, helping their leaders gain valuable insights on every aspect of their business. In audiology, reports help benchmark performance within the organization. Information taken from the reports can help increase efficiency, reduce errors, optimize operations, and improve outcomes. This blog explains the many significant benefits of reviewing and analyzing reports in your hearing clinics regarding the clinical side and operations.

Find areas of improvement

Activating your data can help you understand how to increase your clinic performance, reveal where to focus your marketing efforts, and provide important insights on clinical quality and business outcomes across your clinics.

This important data is instrumental in cutting costs, increasing profits, attracting new customers, and driving revenue.

Reports also provide information and insights about sales trends and key performance indicators (KPIs), including sales numbers, hearing aid trials, conversions, HA returns, etc. This allows leaders to identify underperforming areas, such as audiologists not making predetermined goals, hearing aids and accessories that aren’t selling well, etc., so they can adjust accordingly.

Engage and measure your staff

With benchmarks and personal data points, you can set KPIs for your staff and easily track them to optimize their efforts and outcomes.

This is especially helpful if you reward your teams with financial incentives when they meet predetermined goals or achieve specific milestones, like a specific number of hearing aids sold.

Reports provide valuable insights on how your audiologists and staff members are performing. For instance, you can calculate their productivity to see if they’re maximizing the number of customers they see daily. Measure staff performance and KPIs, such as how many appointments each audiologist is conducting, their sales and conversion numbers, and more. 

Connect commercial and clinical performance data

Using audiological data gathered from your instruments and correlating these to commercial data points will enable you to understand how clinical performance supports commercial outcomes.

Auditdata uniquely “connects the dots” between commercial and clinical data. Additionally, this information can help clinic leaders determine areas of strength within their organization, such as high-performing staff members, effective marketing efforts, and best-selling products.

Improve processes and workflows to save money and improve clinical care 

Are there any problems with your systems, processes, or workflows that could be wasting time or money – or frustrating your customers? Reporting can identify any workflow issues so you can resolve them promptly.

For instance, are you optimizing your schedules to maximize the number of customers that your clinic sees on any given day? Are your staff members efficient, staying on schedule to eliminate long wait times for your customers?

Inefficient processes can be costly to your organization and frustrating for your customers and staff. Identifying and fixing even one issue – such as optimizing your scheduling through a Practice Management Software like Manage – can result in significant cost savings, higher productivity, and happier customers.

How to use Auditdata reports and turn them into a competitive advantage

Auditdata Discover

Turn Your Data Into Competitive Advantage

Auditdata Discover is an analytics platform that makes your business transparent by providing you with metrics from key areas of your business.

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Reports to Improve Business Performance 

Standard Reports are available in Manage. These will support you in understanding where (and how) to improve your business. This introduction provides you with an overview of which reports are available and gives you tips and tricks on how to optimize each KPI. Hopefully, together with the performance measures from your clinics, this will enable you to implement good initiatives to improve your business.

As with all reporting, only the data which has been correctly inserted in the Manage system, will be shown in the reports. It is, therefore, important that your service providers insert the required master data per client.

There are four standard reports available designed to provide an overview of key areas of your business. The reports are standardized and have some fixed definitions of each KPI. You can find all the definitions in this document. It is possible to filter the data in the reports by region, clinic, service provider, and time.

1) New client conversion report displays how well new leads are converting into buying customers.

2) Marketing report shows how different marketing campaigns/referral sources are generating leads and how well these are converting into buying customers. Note: In Manage you must link leads / client to a campaign/referral source to get value from this report.

3) Sales trend report provides an overview of the sales trends across the year compared to previous year and an overview of conversion, HA on trial, and overall performance.

4) Service provider hourly report outlines how the staff working hours are allocated in the schedule. This gives a good indication of where to optimize in the clinics and potentially move staff around to maximize productivity and other key outcomes.

These reports provide important insights about how profitable and efficient your business is, helping you to better understand how well your business is converting marketing campaigns and new customers into buying customers. This is important information for you to consider so you can run a more efficient operation and get the most out of your invested resources.

All reports are printable and can easily be filtered by time, location, and service provider.

1. New client conversion report

The new client conversion report can help you understand the outcome of your efforts towards recruiting new clients. It is essential that you differentiate between new and existing client conversion to accurately measure key metrics, including staff performance.

This report shows the performance of your marketing efforts and audiologists. The conversion rates add up to the result.

Motivate your team to do their part in improving hearing care conversion rates. Each person in your clinic plays a vital role equally important to the outcome. To get further inspired, you can read about conversion rates here: 4 crucial conversion rates to improve in hearing care.

Discover Screen New Client Conversions (1)

2. Marketing Report

The marketing report is set up for you to measure the outcome of your marketing efforts.

Your leads likely come from multiple channels, and you will see that each campaign has a different outcome and ROI (return on investment). Get marketing advice and tips on which campaigns to run, as well as the overall branding of your clinic, in our Marketing Guide.

To balance your marketing spending, you must understand these dynamics. For instance, attracting existing clients to re-buy is cheaper and easier than attracting new leads. However, you cannot grow your business by focusing on existing clients alone. This is why you should understand how you are performing. For the report to be useful, you must link leads/client to a campaign/referral source in Manage.

By Campaign: 

Discover, Marketing Report By Campaign

By Referral Source:

Discover, Marketing Report By Referral

3. Sales trend report

The sales trends report enables managers to keep a finger on the pulse of the clinic's performance. It helps monitor the performance of sales teams, plan sales strategies, forecast sales and, most importantly, reduce the length of the sales cycle.

The report splits up opportunities into different groups so that you can see where your revenue streams stem from and how many open loans you have. This makes it possible to establish sales patterns, making it easier to set future budgets/targets.

Discover Screen Sales Trends

4. Service provider hourly report

Optimizing your schedule and using your staff efficiently is one of the most important areas to focus on in a clinic.

By doing it right, you can:

  • Earn more revenue with existing resources by delivering a detailed overview of the schedule, activities, and available resources across all centers of your practice
  • Maximize revenue and decrease waiting time for new clients by using a scheduling blocking system
  • Forecast busy or slow periods for marketing purposes and rostering staff

To support your efforts, we have set up a service provider hourly allocation report. This gives you a complete overview of the way the time is spent in the clinics and can help you optimize schedules by planning, blocking, and prioritizing time. Within Manage, you can oversee staff centrally across different shops. This enables your business to automate vacation, sick leave, or other time off, which can support the outcome and stability of your shops.

Discover Screen Service Provider

Reports to Improve Clinical Performance

Auditdata's Primus fitting software comes with built-in quality control, collects objective measurement and quality data during measurement, and feeds it to the cloud, where it is displayed in easy-to-interpret dashboards. The data that is stored includes for example, information on whether masking was used, inter-octave frequencies tested, or if a mandatory frequency was missed.

Another vital factor when working on quality improvement is consistency. It doesn’t matter how exact a single measurement is, if this quality is not maintained over time across the client group.

Taking the time to measure the essential factors affecting an audiological measurement outcome is a vital cornerstone to improving patient satisfaction and further business growth. After all, satisfied patients are the engine behind a successful business.

1. Quality Assessment Overview

2. The Match-to-Target Quality Assessment

3. The Clinical Workflow Report

1. The Quality Assessment Overview

The Quality Assessment Overview offers a summary of reported warnings over time. The number, the frequency, and the type of warnings are stored. This becomes an invaluable tool to monitor clinical quality key performance indicators. In addition, the effects of optimizations of e.g. workflows or staff training are immediately visible as trends in the report.

Audiologists using the Primus Software can rely on and be guided with visual notifications and reminders to help them provide quicker, more accurate, and higher-quality audiometry with complete confidence. Real-time clinical audiometric quality measures and highlighted nudging help an audiologist track audiometric quality, act immediately.

Discover Screen Quality Assessment Overview (1)

2. The Match-to-Target Quality Assessment

The Match-to-Target quality assessment collects data from hearing instrument fittings using Real Ear Measurements (REM). Any deviations from the selected target (e.g. DSL or NAL) are stored in the database, and the statistics are easily accessible for evaluation. Any trends indicating poor fitting can be quickly spotted, and proper actions – e.g. staff training- can be undertaken to improve results and customer satisfaction.

During a fitting session, the Primus Match-to-Target feature continuously monitors the difference between the hearing instrument output and the selected target (e.g. DSL or NAL). Suppose a too-large deviation at a particular frequency is detected. In that case, a warning is shown, urging the user to take action and reduce the deviation and reduce the deviation by tweaking the adjustments of the hearing instrument.

Discover Screen Match To Target

3. The Clinical Workflow Report 

The Clinical Workflow report offers a valuable tool for assessing the quality of work in the clinic. It illustrates not only whether workflows are properly followed but also the duration of workflow execution. This enables a clinic administrator to monitor and optimize the daily work in the clinic.

Our clinical workflow feature makes it possible to create and customize ways of working to suit your clinical best practices and easily transition between tests. Streamline your day-to-day clinical processes with Primus enabling you to consistently deliver high-quality service to customers.

Discover Screen Workflow

Don’t overlook the importance of generating, reviewing, and analyzing reports. The information obtained from these reports will help your shops improve a variety of key areas, including improving workflows, KPIs, transparency, efficiency, as well as employee performance. 

Auditdata Discover provides metrics from key areas of your business, from clinical care to sales and marketing and everything in between.

This is well worth the effort and can improve your clinical and financial outcomes significantly. 

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