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Manage’s billing and finance features automate routine tasks like generating invoices, reducing the administrative workload, and ensuring greater accuracy for hearing clinics. To handle multiple reimbursement systems, Manage streamlines compliance, and improves cash flow in markets like the UK, US, and Australia by allowing you to track insurers from general practitioner referral to electronic claim submission and payment tracking.

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Billing and Finance Features
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This comprehensive E-learning course about Billing & Finance in Manage is designed to guide you through the process of generating quotes and invoices, applying discounts, managing insurance, and more. 


Effortlessly Generate Invoices and Streamline Billing

Our software offers an efficient process for generating invoices and billing patients. This feature helps hearing clinics streamline their billing and invoicing process, reducing the time required to generate invoices and improving accuracy. It provides detailed information about each invoice, making it easier to track billing information. You can also automate your billing and invoicing process, resulting in improved accuracy, reduced administrative workload, and faster payment processing. 

Manage Insurance

Streamline Your Insurance Process and Stay Compliant with Ease

Our software allows you to track insurers from physician referral to electronic claim submission and payment tracking. Easily add one or more insurers to a patient file and track insurance payments, outstanding balances, write-offs, and more. With our software, you can streamline your insurance reimbursement process and stay on top of your clinic's finances. Optionally, scan insurance cards and store them in the patient's Document tab for easy access.

Streamline Insurance


We provide insurance capabilities for the USA, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. If you are located in a different market, we can facilitate integration with 3rd party providers across the globe and offer certified integrations to ensure a seamless experience.

Track Billing

Track Billing and Stay on Top of Your Clinic's Finances

Track open claims and billing with ease. Allocate and monitor billing for insurers and patients, with full accounts receivable functionality. Keep track of pending claims, payments, write-offs, and more with ease. Generate detailed Patient Receivable Aging Reports or Billing Statements for individual patients or all patients with outstanding balances to streamline your clinic's financial management.


Discount Management

Offer Discount to Your Best Patients

Manage discounts with options to set discount rules based on various criteria, such as campaigns, products, binaural, location, or for specific patients or groups. Our discount management feature allows you to apply discounts automatically to invoices, ensuring that patients receive accurate billing and saving time for your clinic staff. Additionally, our software allows you to generate financial reports that provide detailed information about your clinic's discount usage, helping you make informed decisions about your clinic's finances.

Tax Management

Simplify Tax Management and Stay Compliant with Ease

Our software is designed to help you stay compliant and in control of your finances by providing comprehensive tax management functionality. You can easily generate tax reports, track tax liabilities, and stay up-to-date with the latest tax regulations and requirements. Our software also streamlines the process of calculating taxes, minimizing errors and saving you time. Whether you're managing your own taxes or those of your patients, our software makes tax management simple and stress-free.

Tax Settings

Finance System Integrations

Integrate Finance Systems for Improved Data Management

Auditdata integrates with financial systems, such as Xero - an accounting and payment processing platform. Our integration provides a streamlined process for managing financial information, reducing manual data entry and improving data accuracy. Finance System Integrations also enable real-time information-sharing between systems, ensuring that up-to-date financial information is available to all stakeholders. Integrations allow hearing clinics to effectively manage their financial processes, make informed decisions, and achieve their financial goals.

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Financial Reporting

Generate Financial Reports Effortlessly

Our Financial Reports provide detailed financial information and analysis capabilities, helping hearing clinics better understand their financial performance. They also provide real-time data, enabling hearing clinics to access financial information and make informed decisions quickly. The reports also enable the creation of custom financial reports, allowing clinics to tailor reports to their specific needs. 

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Finance Reports

Crafted to Optimize Patient Care Across the Hearing Care Journey

Auditdata Manage is designed for the audiology industry and enables hearing care professionals to streamline administrative tasks and standardize patient care. Keep secure records of your patients, implement paperless protocols, ensure consistent data, and use insights gathered from across the hearing care journey to deliver the best care experience.

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Welcome to Our E-Learning Course on Billing and Finance in the Manage Software

We are delighted to present this comprehensive e-learning course aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of the features and functionalities of the Finance module within the Manage software. 

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