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Manage your hearing clinic's inventory, stock, and repairs with our all-in-one practice management software. With a streamlined product catalog, inventory, and stock management, you can make informed decisions, reduce administrative workload, and improve your overall operations.

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This comprehensive E-learning course about Inventory and Stock Management in Manage is designed for admin users to learn how to efficiently manage inventory and stock in their hearing care practice using Manage.

Product Catalogue

Centralized Product Information Management

The product catalog in our software provides an efficient way to manage inventory, enabling organizations to easily keep track of products, quantities, and prices. The product catalog helps streamline the inventory management process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations. With the ability to quickly and easily access product information, organizations can make informed decisions and improve their overall operations.

Supplier Management

Organize Your Supply Chain Management

Our software enables hearing clinics to track supplier information, including contact details and performance metrics. It also streamlines the process of purchasing products from suppliers, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and reduce administrative workload. With Supplier Management, hearing clinics can improve their supply chain efficiency, maintain good supplier relationships, and ensure the timely delivery of hearing devices and services.

Inventory History

Get a Comprehensive View of Your Inventory 

The Inventory History feature provides hearing clinics with a comprehensive view of inventory, including purchase history and location. This feature enables hearing clinics to track and analyze inventory data, helping staff make informed stock levels, purchasing, and sales decisions. With Inventory History, hearing clinics can optimize inventory management, reduce waste, and improve operational efficiency.

Inventory Transfer

Efficiently Transfer Inventory Between Locations for Seamless Operations

Our Inventory Transfer feature enables hearing clinics to efficiently transfer inventory between locations or warehouses. This feature provides an integrated solution for tracking and managing inventory movements, ensuring accurate inventory levels, and reducing the likelihood of stockouts. With Inventory Transfer, hearing clinics can streamline the inventory transfer process, reduce administrative workload, and improve supply chain efficiency. This feature also enables hearing clinics to track inventory movements between locations, providing visibility and control over inventory management.

Battery and Service Management

Simplify Battery and Service 

Battery and Service Management provides an integrated solution for managing battery replacements and routine maintenance tasks for hearing devices. This feature helps hearing clinics efficiently schedule and track battery replacements, reducing the likelihood of hearing devices failing during use. It also provides visibility into the overall health and maintenance of the clinic's hearing device inventory, improving device uptime and customer satisfaction, and reducing administrative workload.

Hearing Instrument

Keep Track of Hearing Devices and Instruments with Ease

Device & Hearing Instrument Management provides a centralized system for tracking and managing hearing devices and instruments, including inventory levels and device information. This feature helps hearing clinics manage their hearing device inventory efficiently in one integrated system. It provides detailed information about each device, including manufacturer, model, serial number, and warranty information, making it easier to manage inventory and track device information. 

Stock Management

Avoid Stock Shortages and Overstocking 

Stock management is a critical component of effective inventory management. It refers to the process of tracking and managing e.g. hearing aids, and batteries, from receiving new stock to shipping products out to patients. This feature monitors stock levels, tracks stock movements and ensures enough stock is available to meet patient demand. Our software helps hearing clinics avoid stock shortages and overstocking, reduce waste, and improve operational efficiency.

Repair Management

Streamline Your Repair Process

Repair Management allows hearing clinics to track and manage repairs for hearing devices, including scheduling repair appointments and tracking repair status. This feature helps hearing clinics efficiently manage the repair process, reducing the amount of time that devices are out of service and improving device uptime. It also provides visibility into the repair history of the organization's hearing device inventory, improving device reliability and customer satisfaction. This feature is designed to ensure that hearing devices are repaired promptly and effectively, reducing the likelihood of repeat repairs and improving device reliability.

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Manage E-learning

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We are delighted to present this comprehensive e-learning course aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of the features and functionalities of Inventory & Stock Management within the Manage Software. 

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