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Utilize our notification feature to create templates for appointment reminders, recalls, and follow-ups, increasing show-up rates and ensuring patients are reminded of important events, ultimately improving engagement and reducing missed appointments.

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Notifications and Engagement Features

Manage E-learning

Explore Our E-Learning Course on Patient Management

This comprehensive E-learning course about Patient Management in Manage is designed to help you navigate the Patient Module confidently, create patients, easily access patient and clinical data, and overall manage patients in the system. 

SMS Notifications

Reach Patients Efficiently with SMS Reminders

Reach patients more efficiently and improve appointment show-up rates. By providing a convenient and easy way to communicate important information and reminders, you can enhance patient engagement and reduce the risk of missed appointments. Save time and effort with automated SMS notifications, and keep your patients engaged and informed throughout their healthcare journey.

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Email Notifications

Streamline Communication with Email Updates

This feature allows clinics to inform users about a specific event or update. Email notifications can be used to keep users informed of appointments, patient updates, and other important information. This helps users stay up-to-date and act in a timely manner.

Add Message Template

Notification Templates

Customize and Automate Notifications with Ease

Notification templates and rules allow hearing clinics to set up automated alerts and reminders, so patients never miss important appointments and staff members don’t miss tasks. Customizable templates make it easy to send personalized notifications, while flexible rules ensure that you receive relevant alerts. This saves time and effort, freeing up resources to focus on providing the best care to your patients. With notifications and rules, stay on top of your schedule and keep your practice running smoothly.

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Notification User Interface

Access All Notifications in One Centralized Location

The notifications user interface provides a simple and intuitive way for staff to manage and configure notification preferences. This includes creating custom templates, setting notification rules, and managing email and SMS notifications. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for staff to stay on top of important updates and ensure they receive timely, relevant information in an effective manner.

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Task Interface

Keep your Team Organized with a User-Friendly Interface

Our task interface enables staff to create, manage, and organize tasks and to-do items. It typically includes features such as task creation, categorization, assignment, prioritization, due dates, and completion status. The task interface allows staff to easily track tasks, set reminders, and prioritize their workload. The goal of a task interface is to streamline the task management process and help users be more productive and efficient.

Personal Tasks

Stay on Top of Personal Tasks with Customizable Reminders

Task management is an essential part of any hearing clinic, and our practice management software makes it easier to manage your personal workload with our Personal Tasks feature. You can create, assign, and track tasks for yourself, including details like task descriptions, due dates, and priority levels. With Personal Tasks, you can increase productivity and prioritize your responsibilities to ensure that you are meeting your goals and deadlines.

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Prioritize and Assign Tasks

Assign and Prioritize Tasks with Ease

Categorize your tasks based on priority and assign them to specific team members, streamlining the task management process and increasing accountability. With a clear overview of tasks and progress, you can monitor your team's performance and adjust as needed, ensuring that important tasks are completed efficiently and improving overall productivity in your clinic.

Patient Recalls/Follow-up Calls

Improve Patient Engagement with Recall Tasks

Patient recalls refer to the process of reminding patients to schedule follow-up appointments or visit an audiologist for routine check-ups, treatments, or screenings. This feature is used by clinics to ensure customers receive ongoing care and attention, maintain their health and wellness, and avoid lapses in treatment or care. Patient recalls can be sent via email, SMS, phone call, or other communication methods, and can be automated based on specific time intervals, appointments, or conditions. The patient recall feature helps improve patient engagement and satisfaction, increase appointment attendance, and promote better hearing health outcomes.

Consent Interface

Simplify Consent Management with a Secure and User-Friendly Interface

Manage patient consent for medical procedures, treatments, as well as marketing and notification consent. It enables healthcare providers to obtain patient consent electronically and securely store it for future reference. The consent interface includes customizable forms for specific procedures, allowing patients to review and sign the forms electronically. This feature streamlines the consent process, eliminates the need for paper forms, and reduces the risk of errors and lost documents. In addition, the consent interface provides reports and a complete history of all consents for each patient, making it easy for healthcare providers to manage patient data and comply with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

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