Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Lead Management and Integration Solutions

Simplify your lead management with our intuitive lead screen. Quickly convert leads into patients and configure campaigns to boost engagement. Select campaigns for patients and appointments and easily set rules for your campaigns. With our open API, we can integrate with other e-mail and marketing automation systems, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your marketing needs.

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Marketing and Campaign Features

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New API Integration to Other Systems

Connect to other systems such as e-mail and marketing automation tools. This helps to streamline data exchange, automate workflows, and improve the overall efficiency of the practice.

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Add Patient Lead

This feature allows you to add new patient leads to the system. Capture and store lead information such as name, contact details, referral source, and any other relevant data. Once added to the system, you can use this information to target and convert leads into regular patients.

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Filter Leads and Patients

Quickly search and filter through patient and lead information. Search for patients or leads by name, contact information, or other identifying details. The search results display patient or lead information, allowing you to quickly access and review the data.

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Convert Patient Lead into Patient

Easily convert patient leads into regular patients with updated information and status. You can update the patient information and change their status from lead to patient with just a few clicks. This helps streamline the process of converting leads into patients and reduces the manual effort required.

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New Campaigns Configuration

Configure and track various marketing campaigns. Tag your email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, social media campaigns, and more. Track their performance to optimize your marketing efforts.

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Campaign Tracking

Track the performance of marketing campaigns and analyze key metrics. You can track metrics such as the number of leads generated, the number of patients converted, and the ROI of each marketing campaign. 

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New Campaign Selection on Patient

Select and target multiple campaigns to a single patient. You can assign specific campaigns to individual patients based on their interests or needs. 

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New Campaign Selection on Appointment

Assign campaigns to a patient directly from the appointment with just one click and track their effectiveness in converting leads into patients. 

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API Integration to Other Systems

Connect Your Marketing Systems for Seamless Workflow

We offer API integration to other systems, allowing you to connect and automate your workflow. With API integration, you can easily transfer data between your practice management software and other systems, such as email and marketing automation tools. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

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Add Patient Lead

Grow Your Lead Pipeline with Ease

Easily add new patient leads, whether they reached out via phone, email, or in-person, our software streamlines the process of entering their information into your database. Say goodbye to paper forms and hello to a more efficient way to grow your lead funnel.

Filter Leads and Patients

Get Overview of Your Leads and Patients in a Flash

Our search and filter function makes it easy to find any patient or lead in your system quickly. You can search by name, contact information, or any other identifying details you have. You can easily keep track of all your patients and leads in one place, making it simple to manage your practice.

Attract Customers to Your Hearing Clinic
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The first step in growing your business with new customers is to increase the number of pre-qualified leads that come to your clinic. Getting new leads is costly and challenging. One way is to activate your existing customers and get them to refer a friend or family. Hosting events or marketing campaigns can also be an efficient way to increase traffic to your hearing clinic and get more new customers. To keep marketing and lead acquisition costs down and quality up, hearing care professionals need a practice management software that supports a unified strategy across all channels. 

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Convert Patient Lead into Patient

Turn Leads into Loyal Patients

Don't let potential patients slip through the cracks. With our software, you can easily convert patient leads into regular patients with just a few clicks. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to update their information and seamlessly transition them from a lead to a loyal patient.

Campaigns Configuration

Configure Your Marketing Campaigns

With our campaigns configuration feature, you can customize your marketing campaigns to fit your specific needs. From selecting your target audience to creating custom messaging, our software lets you tailor your campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.

Campaign Tracking

Track Your Marketing Success

Our marketing summary feature gives you an at-a-glance view of your marketing campaigns' performance. Easily see how many leads each campaign generated, which campaigns were the most successful, and other key metrics to help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

Marketing Report

Campaign Selection on Patient

Add Campaign Selection to Your Patients with 1-Click

With our campaign selection on patient feature, you can easily select specific marketing campaigns to target to individual patients. Whether you're promoting a new service or trying to attract patients who haven't been in for a while, our software makes it easy to personalize your marketing efforts.

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Campaign Selection on Appointment

Easily Add Campaign Selection to Your Appointments

With our campaign selection on appointment feature, you can target specific marketing campaigns to patients based on their upcoming appointments. This feature lets you promote services that complement their appointment or remind them of services they may have missed in the past. It's a powerful tool to help you maximize your marketing potential.

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Crafted to Optimize Patient Care Across the Hearing Care Journey

Auditdata Manage is designed for the audiology industry and enables hearing care professionals to streamline administrative tasks and standardize patient care. Keep secure records of your patients, implement paperless protocols, ensure consistent data, and use insights gathered from across the hearing care journey to deliver the best care experience.

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All-In-One Practice Management Software for Hearing Clinics

Guided Activity Workflows

Streamline clinical operations with one-click access and standardized workflows, delivering consistent, high-quality care to your patients every time.

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Appointment Scheduling

Advanced resource scheduling capabilities optimize your resources, reduce no-shows and lost revenue, and make data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes.

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Patient Management

Fast and efficient patient management system streamlines administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on providing the best care possible to your patients.

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Patient Engagement and Notifications

Utilize our notification feature to create appointment reminders, recalls, and follow-ups, increasing show-up rates and ensuring patients are reminded of important events.

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Enhance lead management, boost patient conversions, and enhance engagement with our intuitive lead screen and open API capabilities that enable you to integrate with your existing marketing systems.

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Clinical Activities and Data

Noah integration delivers valuable insights to drive informed business decisions and provides care and access measurement and fitting software online or offline.

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Optimize your billing and invoicing process, and reduce the time required to generate invoices, making it easier to track billing information. 

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Inventory, Stock and Repair Management

Easily manage inventory and stock with a comprehensive system including product catalog, supplier management, battery and service management, and more.

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Documentation and Audit Trail

Auditdata’s software includes an audit trail, ensuring full accountability and transparency around all changes made to your clinic’s records. 

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Security & Configuration

Our software is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and we are ISO certified, adhere to the highest global safety standards, and offer superior security features.

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Auditdata Manage's integrations with best-in-class systems and there is an Open API that allows for easy sharing of information, streamlined workflows, and improved quality of care in audiology.

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Our audiology patient management software offers a variety of reporting templates tailored to the key business aspects of retail hearing care.

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