Hørebutikken used Noah as a clinic management system and combined it with InfoTrack, but needed more functions and a more accessible and backed-up system.

Hørebutikken ved Eva Frederiksen

Strato just worked
– right from the start.

Eva Frederiksen


The clinic had no back-up of data and had a time-consuming workflow.



To get a complete clinic management system with back-up of data inclucing a support-function. To optimise the clinic workflow – in particular the calendar and journal writing.



Eva Frederiksen, Owner, explains, “We needed a system that could integrate more functions than Noah, which we were using.” Once the decision was made, the installation process was swift. “We installed the system on a Friday, and on Monday we started using it. There was no need for extra training”, Eva continues.

Trine Frederiksen adds, “It is really intuitive and simple to use. You have a great overview of your day, which I’ve never seen before in other systems.”


Horsens, Denmark

Key challenges:
Not enough features
No support
Time-consuming workflow
No backup
Lack of accessibility

No breakdowns
Easy to use
Customisable workflows
Easy access to all data


As one of Hørebutikkens major concerns is to get correct data and complete patient records, Trine Frederiksen is thrilled about the ‘mandatory field’ option, since she used to forget to enter the patient’s phone number.

Eva agrees, “I use the journal features a lot. What I find really clever, is that you can decide which fields are mandatory to fill out. You need to fill in all the information before you can save it. Now that’s clever.”


Solution enabling the success

We have extensive experience in tailoring our solutions – software or hardware – to suit our customers’ needs. In the case of Hørebutikken, the need for more advanced features than Noah’s made them look for a clinic management system designed for audiology. More than 20 years of experience in creating software solutions for audiology clinics in hospitals gives us a thorough insight into the needs and workflows of audiologists and managers.

Strato clinic management system will work smoothly with any fitting system.

We wanted a system that could be easily supported in case of a breakdown. That is the main thing – it has to work. It also needs to be accessible, easy to use, and we needed to combine a calendar with some journal writing as well.

Eva Frederiksen



Eva Frederiksen, Owner

Trine Frederiksen, Audiologist


Strato software overview

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