Looking for help to drive conversion and reduce cancellations?

The customer experience is what really drives conversion in modern retail audiology. However, you need the tools to easily deliver it, more than that, you need the tools to ensure it has been delivered in the way that you have designed.

Increasing conversion through your consultation process

It is universally accepted that the consultation process has a direct effect on the conversion rate within retail audiology. By now, it is also universally accepted that a major element of that is the testing processes that are undertaken.

Primus Pro systems provide all of the testing and fitting processes needed to drive a best practice audiology model. They are are easily centrally managed allowing you to completely customise and design the workflows that make up your customer journey. Primus analytics allow you to be sure that your customer journey is being delivered in the manner that you want it to.


Centrally managed with in-depth analytics

Primus Pro systems can be centrally managed either through your existing intranet network or through our new cloud based management system. It means that you can quickly and easily design the audiological workflows for each visit on the customer journey for maximum experience and impact. You can then quickly push those workflows out to all of your Primus Pro systems.


The in-depth analytics package offered by Primus Analytics allows you instant and up-to-date analysis of how your customer journey is being delivered. The system also allows you to see how the actual delivery of those processes are affecting conversion rates. It will allow you to track how even the length of a particular process like QuickSIN testing affects the conversion.

It also allows you to easily track how speech mapping or Real Ear Measurement affects your cancellation rate, again, even down to the granular level of time spent.

Best practices, better outcomes, happier customers

Primus Pro systems allow you to design your own best practice customer journey and ensures that your staff deliver that journey and processes for maximum conversion. It allows you to deliver the best customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and reduce cancellations.

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