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How to grow your business

Marketing Excellence is about the complete end-to-end customer journey starting with customer insights data. It is about increasing your walk-in traffic, converting more prospects into patients, and retaining those customers for life. In hearing care, in particular, your usage of exclusive tools and resources to connect and analyze patient data in your management and communication platforms is what is most critical. Whether dealing with digital marketing, activating existing client databases, hearing screeners, or other planning activities. There are 3 ways to grow your business: 

The industry standard for acquiring a new lead is $450 and the competition is increasingly fierce.

Get new customers into your hearing clinic

The first step in growing your business with new customers is to increase the number of pre-qualified leads that come to your clinic. Getting new leads is costly and challenging. One way is to activate your existing customers and get them to refer a friend or family. Hosting events or marketing campaigns can also be an efficient way to increase traffic to your hearing clinic and get more new customers. To keep marketing and lead acquisition costs down and quality up, hearing care professionals need a practice management software that supports a unified strategy across all channels. 

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Pre-qualify leads in your pipeline with hearing screenings

Hearing screeners raise awareness about hearing challenges and hearing aids and most importantly, motivate and encourage people to try them and act on their hearing loss.

Auditdata Engage is a fast, easy and comprehensive solution for hearing care professionals to engage with potential customers to generate valuable leads and pre-qualify them with less staff, effort, and costs.

It is ideal for areas like waiting rooms - basically, anywhere where people in the demographic are present. Another idea is to partner with optical chains, or for optical businesses to use the screeners to qualify their clients for hearing loss. The outcomes of results for your hearing clinic are immediately available in the cloud. 

Maximise your inbound leads
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Maximise inbound leads, but don't forget your existing customers. It costs up to 25 times more to get a new customer than to resell to an existing.


"Auditdata Engage has been a great new way for us to generate leads. During a short period of time we have performed hundreds of screening, and this has turned into valuable appointments."

Ewa Mikula

Marketing Manager, Geers Polska part of Sonova

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"Because of Auditdata Engage, we pick up the customers with a hearing loss much earlier in their mental journey, and they are still in their denial phase. Education, support, and awareness are important for these customers. "

Katie Ball

New Look Vision

Get existing clients to buy more or repurchase

Your client database is a goldmine and a testament to all your success. Your clients know you, trust you, and are hearing aid users. As a clinic-owner, you have great insight into when they might be qualified for a new hearing aid. If less than 30% of your sales stem from existing clients rebuying at your hearing clinics, you have an opportunity to do better by proactively reaching out to your clients at the right time. A good Practice Management Software can help you segment your target audience, set up offerings, and track your performance. 
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Open more hearing clinics

Opening new hearing clinics or taking over existing clinics is a quick way to expand your width. However, including new staff, integrating IT platforms, and getting the clinics to work efficiently is a challenge. Auditdata Manage is a cloud-based practice management software that can be set up for a single outlet or thousands of locations. The platform provides the best way to manage your business operations, marketing, and clinical tasks while offering you complete visibility of the data you need to make strategic decisions.

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