Sales Excellence

How to sell to more clients

Sales excellence relates to everything that goes on between your staff and your clients - all the way from the first hand-shake to the last goodbye. Sales efforts are equally important for existing clients to be able to upsell, resell, or get references to your hearing clinic. Sales excellence can be achieved by implementing strategic, cross-functional initiatives throughout your chain and to all employees. 

Educate your staff in becoming high-performing sellers

For some hearing care professionals, selling does not come naturally, and it is not something that correlates with their job. To help them along, you need to educate your staff and provide them with the tools, training, and standardized processes that will guide them through the sales process. 

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In hearing care, the term “excellence” varies from country to country. However, many determinants are the same: personal communication, quality service delivery, staff availability, and providing a great fitting process.

Design a clear in-clinic customer journey

It is important to understand what works and how to serve your clients across your business with a standardized process that includes audiological and sales activities. Running multiple clinics requires a standard process that can be followed in your practice management software. Auditdata Manage can support your roll-out and enable you to implement changes from a central location. A process in your clinic could look like this: 

  1. Pre-appointment
  2. Welcoming the customer
  3. Understanding your customer's needs
  4. Hearing examination
  5. Presenting the result
  6. Presenting the solution
  7. The initial follow-up period
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Personalize your after sales processes

Retain your clients with personalized aftercare activities upon their purchase of hearing aids by making them feel like a valued customer. This could include free cleanings, annual hearing tests, new technology updates - there are many ways to keep your clients engaged.

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Optimize your performance

Do you keep track of how your locations perform - and do you advise your staff accordingly? By basing your business decisions and training on data, you can understand and benefit from the pockets of excellence in your clinics. We deliver deep insights into key performance indicators, such as conversion rates for new customers, return rates, average selling price, number of new sales, revenue per client, etc. These figures will help you understand what good performance looks like and where there is room for improvement. 

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