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Find out how integrated audiology software can increase your sales.

Based on the above model, leads required to reach a specific target sales are calculated applying common drop-out points and values against a best practice Auditdata implementation.
  • To help hearing care providers answer this question we have developed an online calculator that makes it possible to estimate the potential financial impact of investing in our solutions. To deliver this figure, we have developed a weighted value creation model that estimates the potential improvement from using our software across three widely known sources of ‘customer drop-out’ in the hearing care industry.

    • Clients not showing up
    • Clients who don’t have a curable hearing loss
    • Clients returning their hearing aids

    As a general rule of thumb, it is estimated that only 15 out of 100 acquired leads convert into actual hearing aid sales in the hearing care industry. The three above points are important contributors to the exceptionally low lead conversion rate. Auditdata solutions addresses these challenges head-on.

    • Our hearing screener solution serves as an effective lead generator that can be used across multiple settings and locations to feed customers into your business.
    • Once leads move further into the customer journey, our integrated approach to clinical testing and fitting and clinic management can lower the number of missed client meetings and the return rate of sold hearing aids.

    In this way, the client journey from initial contact to the actual sale of hearing aids is seamless and more effective resulting in higher sales.

How Auditdata can lower sales funnel drop-out

  • Our screener solution provides new leads, but it also makes sure meetings booked with potential clients have a higher probability of having curable hearing loss
  • Reminding clients of their appointments via email or SMS is an integrated part of our clinic management software that decrease the probability of clients not showing up
  • Our audiometric equipment and the software that runs it provides better testing and fitting leading to fewer clients returning their hearing aids
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