Will profits vanish in the near future?

Players in the hearing industry are operating with extremely high margins and until now we've seen relatively low competition levels but the landscape is changing. In this episode of our podcast series, we discuss how our industry is growing, new competition such as Specsavers, Jabra and Apple are entering the industry, and low cost-options is coming.

What does this mean for the profits?

  • Can we still expect the high profit margins?
  • Will productivity increase with the entrance of new technologies?
  • Will consumers question the price of hearing aids?
  • Will new large players such as Costco or Apple push the price of hearing aids?

"This formation of a new market that is predicted to be significantly larger than the classic hearing aid market, because it's generally lower prices and more consumer appeal. So if you think about it coming from two sides, creation of a new market in the middle. That's what we are seeing."

Join Peter Bjørnskov, CEO from Dansk Hørecenter (Part of GN group), Steen Thygesen, CEO from Audientes (Provider of smart, self-fitting and affordable hearing aids) to discuss this topic together with Kurt Bager, CEO from Auditdata.