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Auditdata Manage

A practice management software to run and grow your audiology business

Auditdata Manage is a data-driven cloud-based practice management software built with and for hearing care providers. Our solution is the best possible platform to run your business operations, marketing, and clinical tasks while offering you complete visibility of the data you need to make strategic decisions.

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Award-winning solutions

Auditdata wins Hearing Technology Innovator Award™

In October 2022, Our Practice Management Software, Manage, won a prestigious award in the Service Delivery category. "Our solution makes it easier, faster, and more accurate for audiology professionals to do their jobs, and we’re proud to exceed our clients’ expectations,” said Kurt Bager, CEO at Auditdata.

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Spend time on what creates revenue and helps the clients

We have made it easy to create a client profile with all the basic information so that you can move on to measurements as fast as possible. If mistakes are made, everything can easily be edited after creation.

  • Make clinical NOAH data available at all clinics with ease
  • Provide quick access to key patient information on a single screen
  • Keep accurate and detailed patient notes
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Convert more leads to hearing aid users

With Auditdata Manage, you get an exclusive tool to run your business end-to-end and stay in contact with your clients. You can connect and analyze client data on your management and communication platforms with digital marketing, in-clinic communication, and hearing screeners.

  • Segment your audience and set up special offerings
  • Strengthen your marketing by tracking marketing initiatives 
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs and customer churn
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"One of the biggest benefits we’ve found is having information stored in the cloud so that we can access it from all clinics. With Auditdata’s solutions, our employees can log in from home to reschedule appointments if we need to close any clinics due to weather or other reasons."

Sylvia Tavares, Clinic Operations Manager

Hear Right Canada

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"When it comes to a practice management software, your time is worth so much more than the cost of the database."

Stephen Jones, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Global Hearing Aid Clinic

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Grow without compromising operational efficiency

Manage unlimited staff and customers while also managing everything else, from marketing campaigns and appointment scheduling to clinical quality, reimbursement, stock, and invoicing. Auditdata Manage gives Hearing Care Professionals the ability to store client and audiological data online and access these remotely.

  • Maximize the availability of your rooms, equipment, and staff
  • Track pricing and codes for the sold items and third-party claims
  • Set up inventory, from hearing aids to consumables, serialized items to services
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Supporting Hear Right Canada's 40 clinics with a robust practice management software

Hear Right Canada provides high-quality hearing care, treatment, and hearing loss rehabilitation. Hear Right Canada needed a holistic solution with more features, technology, reporting, and support. The growth – and subsequent needs – of the company drove the change from its previous practice management software (PMS).  

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Auditdata Discover | Add-on | BI analytics tool

Improve your commercial and clinical performance

Auditdata Discover is an add-on Business Intelligence (BI) tool to increase the output of your data in Manage. Our analytics platform is made for audiology retailers to gather data from your entire customer journey both from the commercial and clinical perspective and inserting these into intuitive reports and dashboards.  

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Could Auditdata Manage be something for you?

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Auditdata Manage is definitely for you! From your answers, it’s clear that Auditdata Manage would help you to manage your business operations, marketing and clinical tasks while treating your clients. Why not start straight away? Sign up today and start boosting your operations and sales.

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We have partnered with Microsoft to give you the most secure and accessible cloud service in the world. With multiple redundancy and strict security, you can rest assured that your information stays safe. Built with an open application programming interface, Auditdata Manage lets you share information across platforms and work with partners. Fully cloud-based means easy installation and updating. Onboarding of staff is also fast with a user-friendly experience and a short learning curve for clinicians.

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Are you ready to manage your business operations and clinical tasks?

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