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What is a Practice Management Software?

A Practice Management Software is designed to assist hearing care professionals and administrators streamline daily tasks within their hearing clinics, improving operational efficiency and customer care.

A Practice Management Software (PMS), sometimes also referred to as an

  • office management software (OMS),
  • electronic medical record (EMR) or
  • customer relationship management (CRM) system.

It is a software system that supports your hearing clinic operations end-to-end. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between an electronic medical record and practice management software. The EMR is the software that clinical staff use to document patient care within the practice. The PMS software streamlines daily tasks (e.g., scheduling, invoicing) to support your practice. But why do you need this and how can it support your clinics?

Picture this, you own a busy, multi-unit hearing care practice. You’re relying on manual scheduling systems, but it gets confusing when you try to manage calendars for multiple audiologists across your clinics. Your front desk staff spends significant time trying to track appointments, fittings, and cancellations, but sometimes they make mistakes, or something gets lost.

They also struggle to keep up and with tracking follow-up calls and emails to existing customers, as well as sending onboarding reminders to new clients who were just fitted with their first hearing aids. Your team understands the need for regular communications to customers at predetermined intervals, but they’re having difficulties keeping track of all these outreach efforts. And this is just their scheduling challenges – they’re also having a hard time manually managing customer records, invoicing, and data collection.

Lastly, since the data from the audiological equipment is not integrated into the system, the staff needs to enter the client data multiple times and the data is not clean. The staff thinks there must be a better way to streamline and simplify these tasks. There is!


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⌛️ Get More Time To Focus On Your Patients

If your organization implements a practice management software, tasks will be simplified, giving your staff more time to focus on client care. For instance, scheduling can be centralized through a cloud-based software, allowing employees from any center to schedule appointments throughout the enterprise. There’s transparency of all staff and clinics, allowing your employees to determine which time slots are already booked and where there’s availability. Once they schedule appointments, automatic reminders will be sent to customers at predetermined intervals, boosting “show-up” rates. It is easy to reschedule cancellations using this software. If your clinic closes for a snowstorm, a COVID-19 outbreak, or for any other reason, staff can easily contact customers and reschedule appointments, even when they’re working from home. Your scheduling process will be more streamlined, efficient, and accurate. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The right practice management software can do so much more to help you elevate your processes and workflows.

Practice management software contains a collection of automated services specifically developed for hearing care professionals and administrators to streamline daily tasks within their clinics, improving the efficiency of operations and quality of patient care. This software is instrumental in organizing administrative tasks, facilitating appointment scheduling, simplifying invoicing, and managing customer records.

A practice management software is integral to running and growing your audiology business. Using a data-driven, cloud-based practice management software provides significant benefits to manage your operations, marketing, and clinical data, including:

  • Improved sales and operations efficiency
  • Increased efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of data collection and usage
  • Streamlined workflows and processes both commercial and clinical
  • Improved client satisfaction from lead to customer to rebuy

Additionally, a PMS provides complete visibility of your data, allowing you to make informed business decisions. This solution is valuable for practices of all sizes, whether you’re operating a single outlet or running many locations.

Are You Still Using Manual Systems or Trying to Analyze Data Stored on PCs?

Contact us to learn how a Practice Management Software can vastly improve the way you do business.

🔥 Cloud-based Practice Management Software Boost Operational Functions And Remote Care

A practice management system helps your hearing care businesses grow without compromising operational efficiency. Hearing clinics can store patient and audiological data online and access this information remotely, such as during home visits or hearing exams at nursing homes. Unlike systems where data is stored on premise or local PCs, a cloud-based practice management system enables you to provide care using online or offline audiology data.

These secure systems allow authorized users to access information anytime, from anywhere. Also, you can use our Noah Integration, Bridge, to store NOAH data such as client and audiological data online and access these remotely from your practice management system.

Our PMS, Auditdata Manage, allows you to manage your businesses with valuable features, including:

Another asset to Manage is that you can use the software to track important KPIs, including revenue, return rate, close rate, exchange rate, binaural rate, average sales price, units sold, hearing aid sales for new versus existing patients, and accessory sales. Since these KPIs drive revenue, it’s essential to accurately determine whether your clinics are hitting target metrics, so you can make any necessary adjustments to reach critical goals. 4 crucial conversion rates to improve in hearing care.


🎯 Marketing Functions

Use your PMS to amplify your marketing efforts, converting more leads to hearing aid users and retaining them for life. This tool helps you stay in contact with customers and ensure regular relevant communications with them. Our practice management solution offers innovative management and communication platforms, allowing you to successfully reach customers and prospects via digital marketing, in-clinic communication, hearing screeners, etc.

This can elevate your marketing efforts by:

  • Segmenting your target audiences to provide appealing offerings to each segment, audience or client group. 
  • Increasing customer loyalty and retention by providing exceptional service, regular communication, and loyalty campaigns, which will help reduce churn and minimize overall customer acquisition costs.
  • Tracking your performance and engagement.

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Attract Customers to Your Hearing Clinic

The first step in growing your business with new customers is to increase the number of pre-qualified leads that come to your clinic. Getting new leads is costly and challenging. One way is to activate your existing customers and get them to refer a friend or family. Hosting events or marketing campaigns can also be an efficient way to increase traffic to your hearing clinic and get more new customers. To keep marketing and lead acquisition costs down and quality up, hearing care professionals need a practice management software that supports a unified strategy across all channels. 

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📊 Improve Your Commercial And Clinical Performance

Improve transparency by seeing the full picture of your hearing care business. Unlike generic business intelligence platforms or passive practice management software, Auditdata Manage turns your data into a true competitive advantage. Insert KPIs for your employees and shops to track performance in real-time.

Audiology-specific analytics easily lets you monitor data points for customer acquisition, clinical assessment, fitting, and general operational performance. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to accurately map out how cost-effective you are in delivering care, and adjust, as needed.

With a PMS, it is also simple to correlate disconnected clinical and commercial data points to identify relevant trends, helping you make more informed decisions and take actions to boost operational performance and customer care.

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🙋🏽 Customer Service

Innovative technology is only part of the solution. Your hearing care clinic also needs services that ensure your success, like onboarding of staff and clients and customer support. 

Our solution is simple to configure and integrate to your needs, allowing you to securely share information across platforms and work with partners, hassle-free. A fully cloud-based platform means easy installation, updating, and accessibility. Our staff onboarding process is straightforward and streamlined for a user-friendly deployment using e-learning courses, self-guided help center and a great support team. 

Additionally, Manage is fully scalable, allowing your solution to grow and evolve with your business. Implement it locally, administer it centrally, and track metrics by audiologist, clinic, or across your entire organization. When you are a new clinic or want to add a new staff member, it can be done by one click. Our secure, cloud-based software also offers data protection and compliance, with minimal IT maintenance, making it easy to open more clinics using cloud data.

It’s important to note that Auditdata offers comprehensive worldwide support, professional services, and training to all customers, with immediate support via phone, email, and live chat.

Many hearing aid clinics are relying on Practice Management Software and are enjoying the significant benefits of doing so.

Audiology Practice Management Software

Crafted to Optimize Patient Care Across The Hearing Care Journey

Take our Practice Management Software for a spin and learn how you can get insights to improve sales, operations and marketing.

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