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Powerful yet easy clinic management for enterprise retail chains within audiology

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Tailored for private hearing care

Whether it is a single practice or global multi-national business, the key to success is the smooth management of your business and your customers. That is why we have designed our practice management systems, Strato and Aurora to ensure organizations have the tools to manage private hearing healthcare businesses.

Our low-cost, in-depth business management systems can handle all your administrative and clinical tasks. They will allow you to streamline your business processes with easy-to-use, intuitive features that will drive your business for success.

They will also offer you the complete visibility of the data that you need to make strategic decisions.

Strengthen your marketing

Our systems deliver the information you need to strengthen your targeted advertisement and see an immediate and positive impact on your return on investment.

You can segment your leads according to your specific and targeted marketing message. Run either printed or digital marketing campaigns directly from within the application and finally precisely track the effects of each marketing campaign.

Increase your customer loyalty

Our systems can help to reduce your customer churn, minimise your customer acquisition costs and gain a much healthier business.

Our systems can help you to deploy loyalty campaigns to your customer base with personalized and targeted messages. They give you the information you need to focus your services to the individual needs of each customer through a powerful 360-degree overview. Finally, the data can be used to forecast and pinpoint your repeat sales potential.

Providing operational efficiency

Our systems allow you to complete all your clinical and administrative tasks within one system – and free up valuable time for everything else.

You can plan and ensure compliance in clinical workflow, manage your appointment schedule and minimize no-shows through the user-friendly calendar interface. You can also control stock levels, invoice for payment and conduct service & repair management directly from within the application.

Gain better commercial insights

Flexible reporting and high-quality business intelligence allow you analyse your business in real-time, so you can make smarter, faster decisions.

Our systems offer personal KPI dashboards in real-time, directly from within the application. Consolidated business intelligence reports are made available for head-office and regional managers. They also include a report designer to meet your analytics and custom reporting needs.

Designed for retail chains

Whether you run one hearing aid centre or a thousand, the key to success is the management of your business and your customers. Unless you can understand what is going on in your business, you cannot manage it for success.

At Auditdata, our experience and collaboration with large retail audiology chains have allowed us to design low-cost, in-depth practice management systems that are easy to use and can handle all your administrative and clinical tasks. Allowing you to streamline your business processes with easy-to-use, intuitive features that will enable the handling of daily tasks with ease.

Easy onboarding

Optimise your onboarding process of staff with an incredibly smooth and user-friendly deployment – it really can’t be much easier!

Our systems offer a practical customizable workflow with seamless integration to NOAH4. That means there is a very short learning curve for clinicians. They also provide a user-friendly back-office administration with powerful control over data, users and workflows. Combine all of that with straightforward data migration from legacy systems, and you have truly easy onboarding.

Complete solutions for hearing care professionals

Auditdata offers a series of audiometers and fitting products. Further, we are experts in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals. Check out some of our other solutions below.

Primus – a complete fitting solution

Are you a hearing care specialist looking for a combined audiometer and fitting solution that is portable, easy-to-use and competitively priced? Then Primus is your solution.

Business Analytics

Primus Business Analytics offers detailed insight into your audiology and fitting processes.

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